10 June 2007

Grammar final exam review

Part of the final exam in English 10 involves the English department's grammar test. As you know, we have used a list of 20 common writing errors as a resource to focus our grammar instruction. The sophomore final exam will cover the first 15 of the common errors.

One common error is misplaced or dangling modifiers, which is #15 on the list of 20. Below is some necessary information to help you review the concept and two quizzes that will help assess your understanding of it, all of which will prepare you for the final exam. Your assignment is to review the material and take the quizzes during class, and then show Mr. Miller you have fully completed them.

To review the concept of misplaced or dangling modifiers, here is some information. Click on this page and read it, focusing on misplaced and dangling modifiers. When you are done, take the two quizzes below.

Quiz #1
Quiz #2

When you are done with those quizzes, review your understanding of error #9 with the following quiz:

Pronoun agreement error

After you have taken the two quizzes, use the rest of class time to review for the final exam. Click on the following page to find links to numerous quizzes and exercises that you can use to review for the kinds of questions you can expect to encounter.