28 August 2008

Welcome back for another school year

Welcome back to Branford High for a new year in English 10.

This year promises many exciting opportunities for learning. A big part of our classwork and learning will include the use of this blog. Here you will find regular assignments, important links, and opportunities to contribute ideas. In many instances this site will also serve as an extension of the reading, writing, and thinking we do in class. Using a blog like this allows us unique opportunity to publish our writing and maintain a record of our thinking and learning through the year.

You'll also notice that there is a calendar on the right of this page which lists upcoming due dates and other important announcements. Right below the calendar is a list of important links for this class. As the year goes on, I plan to add even more materials and information to help you learn in this class.

Good luck and enjoy the year.

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Anonymous said...

We should use the computers properly in class so that we dont loose the privledge of have the extra time to get more work done. We should be learning what ever the teacher makes us learn by using them. We just have to follow the instructions. The guidlines that we need are how to use them adn when to use them in class. Aso what things we need to go on so thaat we stay away from other distracting things.