22 October 2007

The F14 laptop policy

During the first month of school, we spent time in class and online talking about how best to use the laptops in class. With the privilege of having the computers available to us in class, comes a responsibility to use them appropriately. Many of you came up with some solid ideas about what our F14 policy should be.

It's been a long time coming, but based on your suggestions, I have compiled a draft policy for appropriate use of the laptops in F14. Thank you for the thoughtfulness and maturity you have shown so far in this process.

  • Use of the laptops, which includes use of any programs and/or accessing the Internet, should only be for class work and assignments in English 10.

  • The computers should not leave the classroom.

  • Laptops should be handled with care and should always be carefully and neatly removed and returned to the cart.

  • During class, the teacher will be responsible for monitoring what student use of the computers.

  • Students are responsible for the laptops assigned to them, and they are responsible for any damage that is done to them, which includes any modifications, alterations, or vandalism to the computers.

  • Students should only use the laptops assigned to them.

  • Any student caught vandalizing, breaking, altering, modifying, installing programs, or using the laptop inappropriately will be responsible for the damages and can be subject to having their privileges to the laptops be suspended.

  • Students will not access any inappropriate content, from the Internet or other sources, that violates the acceptable use policy as spelled out in The Guide.

  • Fod or drinks should not be consumed when using the laptops.

As with anything, it's possible that we may need to revisit these ideas throughout the year as new challenges arise.

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