28 April 2008

Lord, what fools these mortals be! - Midsummer Post #1

This post is due before class starts Friday, May 2
Welcome back to Millers English 10 Blog. We are starting A Midsummer Night's Dream, which is a complex, fanciful play that lays bare the humor and foibles of young love.

To get us started, we tackled the twisted, complex plot. You have been given a basic summary of the storyline of the play, (titled "Lord, what fools these mortals be!"), which covers the play up to the end of Act III. For your reference, there is a version of the summary here.

Your assignment now is to take this mixed-up love mess and bring it to a conclusion with a happy ending. As it stands right now, everything is messed up and needs resolution. Assume the role of a narrator and finish the story. This is your chance to predict how this all turns out in the real play.

A couple things to remember before completing your posting: 1) your story must have a happy ending, just like a Shakespearean comedy would. 2) you must come up with a way to solve the problems of a majority of the characters. 3) your creative ending must be in the form of a story, continuing the storyline you've been given. Try to be creative and come up with an original, even outrageous, way to wrap up this storyline.

As with all entries, you might consider writing on a word processing program first so you can proofread, edit, and continuously save before your final posting. Saving it in a word processing program will also cover you in case there's a problem posting.
photocredit: Shakespeare by johopo on Flickr.


Colin, P.4 said...

The Indian Boy that Titania is traveling with soon realizes that Titania’s love of the man with the face of an ass is false and foolish. He tries to reason with her, but Titania is too blinded by Puck’s spell. The Indian Boy leaves Titania to her own devices to search for Puck to see if he will reverse the spell. Meanwhile Puck, realizing what fun love spells could be, casts one on Helena so she would fall in love with Hermia. Helena begins to chase Hermia around the forest with Demetrius and Lysander in pursuit of her. The group soon stumbles upon Titania and the man in a clearing, copulating under a tree. Titania soon realizes that she now has an audience and runs into the trees, the spell broken from the horror of what she had been doing. The man with the face of an ass follows. During the ensuing chaos and uproar, Hermia slips away unnoticed. She soon stumbles upon the Indian Boy whom she immediately falls in love with. The Indian Boy, single minded in his quest, eventually finds Puck and entreats him to reverse the spell on Titania. Puck, after much encouragement, agrees to the deed and the three of them hurry back to the clearing. Much to their horror, they find Demetrius and Lysander rolling around on the ground, fighting. Helena is standing in a corner, staring absent-mindedly into space. Puck uses the magic flower and reverses the spell on Lysander, Demetrius, and Helena. As the two boys regain their senses, Hermia rushes over to check on Lysander. Puck, seeing how much Helena loves Demetrius, casts a spell on Demetrius to make him see all of Hermia’s flaws. When he does see, he only has eyes for Helena who, overjoyed to finally be with the one she pined after, quickly forgets about the Indian Boy. Titania, Oberon, and the man with the face of an ass all soon enter the clearing where Titania announces she is pregnant with Oberon’s baby. He is overjoyed with the prospect of having a new child soon, and both quickly forget their differences and the Indian Boy. The man with the face of an ass starts to weep over losing the beautiful Titania. The Indian Boy, seeing the man with the face of an ass, is filled with pity and goes over to comfort the sobbing man/creature. The man with the face of an ass always wanted a son, and is overjoyed to learn the Indian Boy has no parents. He quickly hurries away with the boy, back to his rehearsal. Hermia and Lysander run away, presumably to elope, and are never seen again in that part of the world. Demetrius and Helena stay in the forest and move in with Puck, who is happy to have a family. Titania and Oberon go back to ruling the fairies and Titania soon gives birth to a baby boy.

Anonymous said...

Titania loves the man with the head of an ass, and he soon finds out because she is swooning all over him. Since he looks and acts like an animal, nobody likes him anymore, except for Titania. They get married in a big wedding outside the fairy place in the woods and live in a city where the man can continue his job of acting. The Indian boy does not want to live there, and although Titania loves him very much, she cannot leave her husband with a donkey head because no one else will love him. The Indian boy moves back to his father's home in the fairyland and is raised as Oberon originally wanted him to be: as a warrior. Now, although Demetrius and Lysander both love Helena, Hermia still loves Lysander. Helena still loves Demetrius, so she tells him her feelings and they get married. Lysander is left alone when Hermia comes along. They start talking and Lysander realizes his love for Hermia once again, so they get married. Duke Theseus marries Hippolyta, and the servant (Hermia's father) got a big piece of cake at the wedding so he is happy. Oberon casts a spell on Puck so the he will fall in love with the first thing he sees, which is a tree. The man with the head of an ass goes down in history as being a human-animal cross and the originator of the term "tree hugger."

Colleen per 4

Anonymous said...

Oberon was happy at first that he had succeeded in casting his spell on Titania. But he had started to miss her so he tried to reverse it. However, he couldn’t since Puck had accidently make it irrevocable. Oberon was deeply saddened and now was shockingly sympathetic to Hermia, Helena, Lysander, and Demetrius’s situation. However, he couldn’t just make people fall out of love. Something scandalous had to happen to make one of the men fall out of love with Helena. As Puck and Oberon were discussing possible situations, the little Indian boy was hiding and listening to the conversation. He liked Helena as well and he went and told her of Oberon’s and Puck’s possible plans. Helena began to pout. She was enjoying this attention so much! She was sad to hear that her fun may be over. Also, she was not sure of whom she truly loved. Demetrius was a great man but Lysander was also worthy of her love. Envious of not being loved back by Helena, the little Indian boy ran to tell Hermia that Helena loved Lysander and planned to marry him! Hermia was deeply troubled and went to go see Lysander.
Meanwhile, Puck and Oberon had finally decided that Demetrius loved Helena the most and now they just had to convince Helena of that, who now loved Lysander. Hermia heard of this and was so distraught that she when she saw Lysander, he was in for quite a shock. Her rage and troubles were somewhat appealing to Lysander. He began to feel a little amused and flirty. Then, in the heat of the moment Hermia grabs him and kisses him. Helena had just entered the room to tell Lysander how she truly felt. But after seeing the two people kiss, she realized what a jerk he was and ran to Demetrius. (Who was more than happy to comfort her.) Puck and Oberon arrived after all this and were surprised that the entire situation had smoothed over. So they “fixed” the love problems and went back to fairy land. However, the Indian boy begged to go with them and Oberon gave in and let him come home and live with him. Oberon began to enjoy being a father. This caught Titania’s eye and she secretly began to love her husband again. Oberon and Puck changed the man with the head of an ass back to the bumbling actor he was. Titania was not happy with the ignorance the change brought. Titania began to meet with Oberon and they were truly in love. Puck, after being instructed by Oberon, made Titania fall back madly in love with him. The actor was distraught but was not bothered too much. Dating a queen was too much effort. But the Indian boy and Puck were all alone.
However, the royal Duke Theseus and Hippolyta had married and had 5 kids. One of the girls was the Indian boy’s age and then they ran away together. Also, the Hermia’s older sister, Hermania, fell in love with Puck and Puck was happy. To top it off, the servant and his wife lived happily ever after.

Jenna, Period 6

Anonymous said...

Demetrius catches up to Hermia and Lysander, who thought they had found a good place to be hidden. Helena, who was following Demetrius, soon joins them. Both Demetrius and Lysander see Helena at the same time and Demetrius expresses his love for her, being under Puck's spell. This makes Lysander extremely angry and leads to a fight between them. Meanwhile, Titania is in love with the man with the head of an ass, who cannot believe his incredible fortune of having someone so beautiful fall in love with him. They suddenly come upon Demetrius and Lysander's conflict. Helena is begging them to stop and Hermia is standing amongst the trees, unsure of what to do. Seeing this act of violence and anger, the exact opposite of love, breaks Titania from her spell, and she rushes back to her husband to describe what she saw. Oberon realizes that what he has done has worsened things rather than make them better, and summons Puck to reverse all of the spells he has cast. Hermia is married to Demetrius as planned, and Helena falls in love with Lysander, finding that they have a lot in common. As for the Indian boy, he decides that he will let Titania raise him as she sees fit, but will also let Oberon let teach him the ways of a warrior in case he might need these skills someday. Titania and Oberon both agree that this is fair, and the Indian boy grows up to be the son that they always wanted.

Peter, per.4

Anonymous said...

Puck was very foolish with his love spells. The only thing that he correctly accomplished was the spell on Titania. Back in the ancient city of Athens, Helena is very satisfied with the love she is receiving from both Demetrius and Lysander. Hermia, feeling neglected, decides to take another trip to the woods to visit Puck about his handy work with his love spells. She begs him to make Lysander love her again in the same way that she still loves him. Puck refuses, claiming that he is still trying to fix the problems that Titania and Oberon face. Puck tells Hermia his problems and she agrees to help him if he will abide by her wishes of Lysander's love. Puck reapplies his love spell on Titania to create her love for Oberon. Their love is recreated and the Indian Boy is forgotten. Puck and Hermia are horrified by this and decide to help the Indian Boy. Puck brings him to the group of workers with the man with the head of an ass where the Indian Boy bonds with the men. The boy fits right in and becomes very happy with working with the humorous group of workers. With Oberon and Titania back in love, without the arguement of the Indian Boy, who is happy and safe with the workers, Puck agrees to tend to Hermia's needs. Meanwhile, in the ancient city of Athens, the love connection between Helena and Demetrius grows. Demetrius breaks the news to the father of Hermia to cancel the wedding arangement for he is now to wed Helena. This leaves Lysander in a rage while Hermia celebrates the freedom from Demetrius. Hermia gets Puck to undo the love spell which made Lysander fall in love with Helena, which brings back his true love for Hermia. With no other match for his daughter, Hermia's father agrees to the marriage between Hermia and Lysander. Helena won her love of Demetrius, while Hermia and Lysander are happily together.
Maria period 6

Anonymous said...

As Helena and Demetrius follow Hermia and Lysander deeper in to the woods, something odd begins to happen to Demetrius. He begins to look at Helena with flirtatious eyes and a wide smile. Helena starts to think that Demetrius may indeed love her after all, just as she loves him. This is in fact the case! Both Demetrius and Helena love each other. Seeing as to how they some how lost their path in the woods, and stumbled in to complete confusion, they both decided to give up on following Hermia and Lysander. Both are happy together, even if they are lost.
While Hermia and Lysander make their way through the woods, something odd seems to happen to Lysander as well. He continually asks where Helena has been and constantly states how beautiful she appears. Hermia starts to catch on and asks why this sudden obsession with Helena has come about. Lysander answers honestly and Hermia becomes extremely upset. When Lysander sees how hurt Hermia is, and realizes how much he cares about her, he begins to snap out of loving Helena. He begins to tell Hermia that it was simply a joke and he in fact does not love Helena. He simply wanted to see if she cared for him as much as he cared for her. Hermia forgives him and they are still completely in love.
Meanwhile, Titania has fallen in love with the man with the head of an ass. When this rehearsing actor starts to walk away, Titania immediately follows and begins to speak to him. He tells her his name and different information about himself. She was curious to see what his view on raising the Indian boy she adopted would be, so she asked him. He responded with the same answer Oberon had, and her affection for him starts to fade. She is suddenly realizing that she can not agree with any man on this idea. Titania decides to find the Indian boy and raise him the way she wants to, even if that means she raises him alone.
After several days of pacing and worrying about Titania, Oberon decides to go farther in to the woods in search of her. Sure enough, he stumbles upon her and the Indian boy. He explains to her how he can not live without her love, and that he would agree with any decision she had, as long as they could live together again. She of course jumped at this proposal, and Oberon and Titania started raising the boy how Titania had originally wanted to.

Lindsay, Per. 4

Anonymous said...

he Indian Boy was very lonely since Titania wasn't spending any of her time with him any more, so, he decides to run away. While in the process of running away, he finds Hermia crying in the woods. Hermia decides to tell him all about how her life ruined. She tells him about how she was supposed to run away to the woods to wed Lysander, but instead, now he loves her friend Helena, and Demetrius, the man she was supposed to marry, loves Helena too. The Indian boy tells Hermia that he is lonely now because Titania isn't spending any time with him. They decide they are going to fix their problems. Hermia finds Lysander and tries to reason with him, but does so without success. Puck sees how upset she is and tries to make Lysander fall back in love with Hermia, but instead Hermia falls in love with Puck. Lysander snaps out of his own spell when he realizes Hermia no longer loves him. He is now very jealous of Puck. Puck runs to Oberon and tells him about the mistake he has made. Oberon reverses the spell, but now Puck has to wear a magic cape everyday in order for the spell to stay undone. Now Hermia is very happy with Lysander and Helena is happy with Demetrius. The man with the head of an ass begged Titania to change his head back to a man and she loves him so much that she does. As soon as his head is a man's again, she doesn't love him any more. She goes back to Oberon and Oberon missed her so much that he lets her raise the Indian Boy how she wants. The End.
Megan period 6

Anonymous said...

Blinded by love, Titania begins to act foolish when she is with or around the ass man. One night the spell that was cast upon her is broken by Puck, who feels sorry for Titania. But Titania doesn’t mind being in love with the ass man, and they live a life of happiness together. Meanwhile, Helena has two people who love her and has to make a decision. Hermia has to decide if she wants to live a life of happiness or if she wants to continue hiding with her true love. Hermia decides to have Puck cast a spell on her father to make him let her marry Lysander. She also has him cast a reverse spell on Demetrius so that he no longer loves Hermia. Lysander and Hermia wed the next day and Helena and Demetrius fall in love as well.
Sean S. Per 4

Chelsea Period 4 said...

Titania hears about the mess that Oberon made, she is fed up as ever. She decides to cast a reverse spell on Lysander so that he no longer loves Helena, he loves Hermia. She casts this spell, and Lysander falls in love with Hermia, who has loved him all along. Demetrius wasn’t cast a reverse spell, so he still loves Helena, who has loved him all along. Lysander and Hermia go back out into the woods and get married. However, she was threatened that if she didn’t marry Demetrius she would either die or become a nun. So, instead of Hermia dying, she begs Oberon to cast a spell on her to look like a different woman, so that Thesus doesn’t know that its her who is with Lysander. Oberon was a feisty little fairy, and decided to turn them both into pigs. Hermia and Lysander lived as pigs for the rest of their lives in a barn together, happy, but fat and stinky.
Demetrius and Helena fell in love and got married. Titania was so completely in love with the man with the head of an ass, that she too cast a spell on herself and gave her a head of an ass as well. Thesus assumed Hermia died, he had no idea she was turned into a pig, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

At this point in the story, there is quite a big love mess. Lysander and demetrius who previously loved hermia, now r in love with helena. Hermania is lonely, Helena is confused, and to top it all off, Titania is in love with the man with the head of an ass. All of the faries are very ammused by this big problem including Oberion and Puck. To make the problem worse, Puck and Oberion cast a spell on Hermia to make her change her vision on life and even go as far as changing her sexuallity. Hermia now is involved in the love triangle that is in love with helena.

The man with the head of an ass despite the good looks of titania, sees a lovely female donkey wondering through the woods. He immedatly falls in love with this donkey and then his transformation continues and he turns into a full donkey and the two happily continue there life in the forest never to be seen again. Titania relizes she was under some sort of spell and goes back to loving oberion. She sees her hsband ruining the love life of the 4 others and is immediatly angered. She talks to her husband and convines him to reverse all of the spells.

When oberion reversed the spells he also reversed time to the night before. At this point everything was back to normal as far as the love lives of helena, hermia, lysander, and demitrius. Lysander and Hermia run away to elope, Demitrius and Helena realize that they are meant for each other and they marry. ANd Titania and Oberons relationship was stronger then ever before and they are planning to reinstate there vows at there next anniversary. Duke thesius and Hippolyta get married as planned and Egeus realizes that it is Hermias choice who she marries. Everyone i snow happy and they all live happily ever after.

Mike P.

Sujata per. 4 said...

Sujata Panta
*The Indian boyKartik
**The guy with the head of an assAdonis
Helena enjoyed the attention she got from Demetrius and Lysander even though she liked Demetrius more. Hermia was heartbroken when she realized Lysander no longer felt for her. She was jealous of Helena and hated her. When she met Helena she accused her of taking her happiness away. Helena was furious at Hermia for accusing her. They remained friends no longer.
Meanwhile, *Kartik misses having Titania around and goes off to find her. When he finally meets **Adonis, he was shocked. He was disgusted but he soon felt for him. He found out that Adonis was no longer given a role as an actor. Adonis taught him great skills to be an actor. Kartik liked him even more because he always wanted to be one but he was afraid to confess.
On the other hand, Helena was bothered by Lysander and Demetrius constantly following her around. She rarely had time by herself. Hermia realizes how it must have been for Helena to know that the man she loved another. She apologizes to Helena for being rude to her and they become friends again. When Puck sees the mess he had created he feels bad but he didn’t have power to reverse it.
Soon, Oberon misses Titania and decides to reverse his spell. When Titania sees Adonis, she feels grossed out and goes back to Oberon. Kartik decided that he wants to stay with Adonis instead. For Kartik’s sake, she turns Adonis back to normal and leaves. On the way back, she meets Hermia and asks her the reason of her sadness. She feels for her and reverses their spell. Then Lysander and Hermia marry and he father was forced to accept him. He realizes he missed his daughter. Helena was sad but she was soon friends with Demetrius.

Anonymous said...

As Puck's mistakes become more and more of a problem Hermia feels worse and worse as Lysander now rejects her as does Demetrius. Puck and Oberon realize that something must be done to right this problem. They quickly take action as Lysander and Demetrius fight over Helena. Hermia meanwhile sits in the woods wondering why Lysander suddenly stopped loving her and began to chase after Helena. When Puck and Oberon find Lysander and Demetrius they reverse the spell on Lysander causing him to love Hermia again. Demetrius still loves Helena and they can now be together. Lysander finds Hermia sitting alone and sad in the woods and explains to her that he doesn't know what happened to him, it was as if he were under a spell. unknowing of what really happened Hermia and Lysander marry that night as do Demetrius and Helena.

Josh Period 4

Macy said...

Demetrius and Lysander now madly in love with Helena, decide to duel to the death over her. Helena not knowing what is going on between them freaks out and runs away in search of Hermia. Meanwhile, the guys are still dueling to the death to win Helena’s love, not paying any attention to the fact she disappeared. Hermia, starving and lost in the enchanted wood, desperately in search of her lover, stumbles upon two paths. There is a large sign in between the two dirt paths, one reads: TO DA OLD PUB, the other says, TO LYSANDER WHO IS FIGHTING DEMERTIUS OVER HELENA. Hermia, infuriated by the second sign, says “forget this” and decides to ditch the man who broke her heart. She skips merrily down the path to DA PUB. When she gets inside she doesn’t realize that an ale has been spilt on the floor and slips. Conveniently, a regular old prince charming with quick reflexes and strong arms catches her. They decide to continue Hermia and Lysander‘s original plan by eloping and they live happily ever after in France.

After getting sick and tired of the equally matched men fight, 10 years later…..Puck decides to lift the enchantment from Lysander. Lysander stunned and not knowing what happened to him for the last 10 years of his life decides to flee from the forest and move to the suburbs of Athens and pursue his strong passion for Agriculture.
Helena doesn’t find Hermia and she returns to marry Demetrius after Lysander snaps out of it and flees the scene. The live happily ever after.

Oberon day by day gets jealous of the romance he could be having with Titania, that instead that the man with a face of an ass is having. He decides he can’t stand watching his woman all over some donkey and reverses the spell. Oberon confesses his true love for her and they marry after paying the man with a head of an ass heaps of fairy-money for all the trouble they put him through. The man with a head of an ass goes on to be very popular amongst the ladies for having been with the Fairy Queen. All is finally good in the world.

Anonymous said...

Puck realize his mistake for casting a spell on Lysander to fall in love with Helena he felt bad and he got another spell and got him to stop loving Helena. Then Demetrius is still in love with Helena and Titania still in love with the man with the head of an ass. But then Oberon made another spell to change the ass man's head back to normal. So then they all lived in a hapily after life and they all get married and everyone is happy.

Kristina Period 4 said...

Just as Titania was cursed with a spell of love, Hermia and Helena are cast upon with the same spell. They awake in the forest confused but looking for a man. Lysander and Demetrius come looking for them in the woods, confused and scared. Hermia spots Demetruis and instantly falls in love with him. Lysander is breathless and he sees his love going to the wrong man. But while he is mesmerized by the vision he sees, Helena starts running towards him, in a trace. She has fallen in love with Lysander and both gentlemen are confused. Why are their lovers, going after the opposites? Both couples fight over who is with whom and what had happened to them. Puck was confused with whom to cast the spell on so he decided to choose both women. Oberon is angry at what he has done to both couples, and sends Puck to undo the spell. Puck had a challenge trying to stop the bickering of the men and knocks them into a trance of love and the women out of love. When they awake all is corrected in the couples and they thought it was a dream. They end up getting married with Theseus and laugh at the fact of love can make you do crazy things.

Anonymous said...

As Oberon and Puck were casting spells on everyone Hermia was hiding in the woods watching. When Oberon casts a spell on Lysander Hermia knows that she has to do something to get her love back. Hermia finds Puck and Oberon sitting in the woods and tries to convince them to undo the spell that they put I Lysander. Hermia knows if she ever wants to be with Lysander again she must come up with a plan. She thinks back to what made Puck cast the spells in the first place and she remembers the indian boy and how much Oberon wants him to be a warrior. She comes up with the idea that she can raise the indian boy to become a warrior so Oberon and Titania won't fight about it anymore. Oberon agrees to undo the spell on Lysander and in exchange Hermia will raise the Indian boy. Oberon undoes the spell on Lysander and he once again falls in love with Hermia.
Jordan per 6

Anonymous said...

After the Princess of the fairies Titania awakens and is in love with a man with the face of an ass she goes to the forest in confusion asking her self why she is in love with a man with the face of and ass. And she realizes that the she was betrayed by her fellow fairies and felt bad for the Humans so she goes and helped them with there problems. Once she found them she broke the spell and they were back to the original lovers. Titania and the humans talked and then they came to the conclusion that the women got to choose who they loved. Helena chose Demitrius and Hermia chose Lysander. Titania punished Puck and the King of the fairies Oberon for what they did to the humans.
Andrew per. 4

Anonymous said...

Oberon will cast a spell on Demetrias so that the spell would keep him in love with Helena. Then Helena will stay in love with Demetrias. Overon will then cast a spell so that Lysander is no longer in love with Helena. That way Lysander is no longer on a spell and is free to love Hermia.
After everyone is in love with all the right people, there will be a big wedding in the woods. After the wedding Oberon will go back to Tatana and take the spell off of her, and turn the man with the head of an ass, back to normal.

morgan, period 6

Mike k p6 said...

Now that Helena and Demetrius both love each other they decide to run away to Sparta to get married. But now Lysander also loves Helena and Hermia still loves Lysander. Jealous, Lysander follows Helena and Demetrius to Sparta, but Hermia got arrested in Athens for stealing some bread so she has to stay there plotting her escape to get Lysander back. When Helena and Demetrius arrive in Sparta, Leonidus king of Sparta gets a letter from Duke Theseus. The letter says that two people, Helena and Demetrius are to get married and if two other people named Lysander and Hermia enter the city they are to be captured and sent back to Athens. Helena and Demetrius entered the city, got married, and lived the rest of their lives in Athens. Hermia and Lysander were walking through the city gates when the guards spotted them and arrested them. They were put into a wagon to be taken back to Athens. While the wagon was traveling through the woods, the two decided to knock out the driver and escape into the forest. As they were running away they spotted a female fairy chasing a man with an animals head. The fairy also spotted them and in blind fury from chasing the man she cast a love spell on them. The two fell deeply I love with each other and got married in the woods. They lived in a tree hut and had 17 kids. Meanwhile the female fairy, Titania, continued her chase of the man with an animals head. When she was running she accidental ran into Puck, who in fright cast another spell on them both of them. The spell caused Titania’s love to be transferred to Puck. Now that Titania was back to normal she went home and lived happily with her husband and son, who ended up being raised as a warrior while she was gone. Now Puck was in love with the man with an animals head and he cast a spell on him so that they both fell in love and got married. Back in Athens Hermia was freed from jail and because she never got married she had to become a nun.

Anonymous said...

To top that off, the fairy princess Titania wakes up and falls in love with the man with the head of an ass...

Oberon notices how much fun Puck is having casting spells, so suggests they stop and leave everything as it is before things get worse. Puck, however, does not listen. Instead, he casts a spell on Oberon that makes him fall in love with Helena, making the love triangle, a love square.
Hermia finds it rankling that Lysander and Demetrius no longer love her, but her friend. She's more angry and jealous than heartbroken, since Helena boasts about it. Hermia decides to get even. She finds Puck, and tells him that it would be funny if Helena had the head of an ass, and both mean loved her anyway. He agreed and casted the spell.
Puck finds all of this hilarious. The King's wife after a man with the head of an ass, 2 men after a woman with the head of an ass, and Hermia who lost both men. After a while, he started feeling sad and lonely. Everyone was too busy trying to win someone's heart or pushing one away, except for Hermia who was alone. He secretly casts a spell on Hermia that makes her fall in love with Puck. They plan to wed and invite their friends to the wedding.
Titania goes with the man with the head of an ass and Lysander, Oberon, and Demetrius agreed to sharing Helena, who now has a permanent head of an ass as well.

Diana pd. 6

jess period 4 said...

Oberon realizes what he did, by casting the spell on the actor who turned into a head of an ass. So he undid the spell, and cast another spell so that Demetrius stays in love with Hermia. From then on, Hermia realizes she really does love Lysandar, and she would much rather be with him. so she has Puck casts a spell on Demetrius to fall in love with Helena, so she can move forward and he wouldnt stand in the way of her and Lysandar, because she doesnt want to hurt him. From then on they kept it a secret, and had a wedding in the woods.

Anonymous said...

Since Puck accidentally casts the love spell on Lysander instead of Demetrius, Oberon says that Puck owes him a favor. Oberon asks Puck to cast a spell on Lysander and Demetrius to turn them into one person so that there is a new person. He and Helena marry each other. Hermia thinks that Oberon's idea to combine Lysander and Demetrius was hysterical so she falls in love with Oberon. Meanwhile, Titania and the man with the head of an ass are happily married.
Emily, Period 6

Dave per. 4 said...

As the wedding of Duke Theseus and Hippolyta draws close, Hippolyta decides she does not want to marry Theseus, and escapes from him to live happily back in the Amazon. While Theseus is mourning the loss of his future wife, Titania casts a love spell on both Theseus and a beautiful woman and they fall in love with each other. They get married the next day. Meanwhile,after casting the love spell on Theseus, Titania pursues the head of an ass, but the love spell is broken when he takes the head off and she sees that it is just a human. She then goes back to stay with Oberon after the Indian boy runs off to find Puck. Meanwhile, both Demetrius and Lysander fall in love with Helena instead of Hermia, and for further comedy Puck casts a spell on Hermia to love Demetrius. When the Indian boy finds the mess that Puck has made, he takes the love potion from Puck and makes Demetrius and Helena fall in love with each other, and also Hermia and Lysander to fall in love. The Indian boy heads back to see Oberon and Titania, and they both seem satisfied of his decision to stay with Puck and keep him out of trouble, as well as learn the ways of the enchanted forest. Also, because of Thesues’s happiness at getting married to a woman he loves, he declares that he is in favor of Hermia and Lysander being together. However, at the end of the story, Puck does one more trick. He makes the man who was in the head of an ass fall in love with a real donkey. The play closes with the man calling out to the donkey that he loves it, and the audience laughs and cheers.

Jostlyn per.4 said...

The Indian boy that Titania is traveling aroung realizes, along with the other faries that she is foolist to fall in love with a man that has the head of and ass. So the Indian boy travels off to find Puck so he can undo the spell. But Puck realizes how fun it is to set spells on the humans. So while the Indian boy is looking around for Puck he goes around the woods looking for humans to play tricks on. Then he comes across Hermia and Lysander in the woods. As the two fall asleep in the brush Puck puts a spell on them. Then Helena and Demetrius come into the woods and bump into each other and are knocked unconsience. Puck puts the same spell on them also. In the morning Demetrius wakes to find Helena by his side and falls madly in love with her. Helena finds this very strange and she runs away only to find Hermia and Lysander sleeping. When Lysander wakes he sees Helena and insantly falls in love with her. Helena thinks that this is some kind of joke but when she sees how unhappy Hermia is she knows that there is something wrong. After the Idian boy searches for doy days and two moons he finds Puck and has him undo the spell on Titania. Then when Titania hears about what happens to the lovers she orders Puck to go and make things right. In the end Lysander and Hermia marry and Helena and Demetrious marry. Egus finds that it is better to accept his daughters love then to force something that is unwanted. All are happily married and everything in the woods is returned to normal. The Indian boy gets a new family by getting to stay with Titania.

Anonymous said...

After messing everything up Puck tries to resolve things by using his magic to reset all that he did. The problem is he knows not how to get them at the same place at the same time to cast a grand scale spell. As he sits under a tree pondering how to do this they all end up congregating in this one area and get into a big argument. Puck hardly noticed until the little Indian boy walked up to him and said, "Are you going to help them?" When he said this Puck sprang up and realized they were all there. He then attempted to cast his spell but yet again, it backfired. Everyone ended up getting at each others throats and just before they started to actually fight, the Indian boy yelled, "Stop!", and everyone froze. Try as they might they could not move and the Indian boy spoke. "Do you all realize what you are doing? You are at each other's throats and about to harm each other because they like them and they don't like you. If you would just realize if you go with the flow and listen to your heart, everything would get better and you might just find your true love or make up with your mate." Oberon then said, "What are you boy? Why are you able to control us," and the boy says, "I am the one who knows. I am the one who knows the true nature of this mysterious bug called love. I am the blind cherub. I am Cupid, the patron of love. Now I will let you go if you understand my words and heed them. Then you will be free to do what you want." He then released them and they came back to movement. As this happened everything started to fade away. It got darker and darker until it was all black and then Egeus opened his eyes to a bright morning. He sat up in a groggy daze and realized what day it was. It was three days to the Duke's marriage and he realized his dream became a reality. He thought for a while as he went through his daily routine and decided that when his daughter came to him about Lysander again he would let her marry him instead of Demetrius. The three days passed and everything went well. He realized that what Cupid had said was true and they lived their lives in happiness.


Anonymous said...

In the woods Oberon and Puck will cast a spell on Demitrius to keep his love for Helena. Since Demitrius has won Helenas love, Lysander feels he needs love so Oberon and Puck casts a spell on him to be happy being single and be happy for Demitirius and Helena.

Pat p.6