10 September 2009

Welcome to Miller's English Blog

Hello English 10 students.

Welcome to our English 10 blog. This site was created several years ago as a way for me to use technology and forge new connections with our reading and writing. We will use this site in several ways.

Often, I will post a prompt as a new blog entry and ask that you write an answer in the comments section. Doing this will allow us to better share ideas and opinions about what we are doing in class. Just remember, I still expect you to follow all the typical rules of composition and writing. This is no place for text-message abbreviations or sloppy writing.

Another way we will use this site is as a central resource for the class. If you look around you will find almost everything you may need for the class. There are links to the calendar of due dates, ongoing vocabulary lists, and our classroom wiki page (more on that later). For those pursuing the honors option, there is also a link to the honors option web site.

Finally, you need to remember that what we say and do here is available for any of us to read - teachers, classmates, parents, members of the community, even others in the world. Look at that map of the world to the right and see where some of the visitors are from.

Keep this site bookmarked and refer to it regularly. Again, good luck this year.


Mr. Cannon said...

Mr. Miller, I have enjoyed reviewing your blog for your 10th grade English class. I believe you have created a great way for your students to collaborate and share ideas, based on the literature they are reading. I really enjoyed the students responses to your prompt for Mid-Summer Nights Dream. Students really showed their understanding for the content and their ability to connect it to their lives.

Carol McGee said...
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Unknown said...
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