08 February 2007

Literature Circles Post #4

This post is due before class starts on Tuesday, Feb. 13.

You should be almost halfway through with your books, and it should be apparent that there are some important themes - or large ideas - that stand out.

Review the ideas and opinions posted on your group's wiki and select what you think has been a predominant theme so far. In literature, the central theme is typically revealed through the conflicts in the book. Your assignment is to write a posting that explores one or more recurring conflicts in the book. How does the conflict help illustrate the complex ideas involved in the theme? How has the author developed the theme through different events and conflicts in the book? What does the conflict show about people in general?

Record your work on your group's wiki page - click here to access the English 10 wiki.

Remember to put your first name after your posting, so I can keep track of it.

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