13 February 2007

Literature Circles Post #5

This post is due before class starts on Thursday, Feb. 15.
This post is due before class starts on Monday, Feb. 26.

Now that we've gotten at least halfway through our books - either Frankenstein, Black Boy, or The Color of Water - many themes and ideas have come out through your discussions and the postings on the class wiki.

  1. Select a theme that has been discussed on your wiki page already. (Or, if you'd like, from the page of another group reading the same book)

  2. Record that theme on your group's wiki page - click here to access the wiki.

  3. Select a passage from the second part of the book that somehow illustrates an aspect of the theme. Write about 100-120 words that explain how the theme is shown and how it is progressing in the book so far.

  4. Remember to put your first name after your posting, so I can keep track of it.

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