20 March 2007

Midsummer Post #1: Creative ending assignment

This post is due before class starts Thur., March 22

The first thing we tackled when starting A Midsummer Night's Dream is the twisted, complex plot. You have been given a basic summary of the storyline of the play, all the way up to the end of Act III. For your reference, there is a version of the summary here.

Your assignment now is to take this mixed-up love mess and bring it to a conclusion with a happy ending. As it stands right now, everything is messed up and needs resolution. Assume the role of a narrator and finish the story. This is your chance to predict how this all turns out in the real play.

A couple things to remember before completing your posting: 1) your story must have a happy ending, just like a Shakespearean comedy would. 2) you must come up with a way to solve the problems of a majority of the characters. 3) your creative ending must be in the form of a story, continuing the storyline you've been given. Try to be creative and come up with an original, even outrageous, way to wrap up this storyline.

As with all entries, you might consider writing on a word processing program first so you can proofread, edit, and continuously save before your final posting. Saving it in a word processing program will also cover you in case there's a problem posting.

Photo credit: Bottom with the Faires in a costume sketch from Charles Kean's scrapbook for a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Shelfmark ART Vol. d48. from the Folger Shakespeare Library.


Anonymous said...

As a result of Puck's mistake and Oberon's foolish casting, Demetrius and Lysander stare dreamily at Helena, while Hermia becomes jealous and decides to get revenge.

As they all walk upon a path in the middle of the woods, returning back to Athens, Hermia plays a little trick. She takes a large stick and smacks Lysander across the head, trying to make him remember the goods times they had. As a result, Lysander spots Demetrius and begins to fall in love with him.

They continue their hike along the path, Helena leading with Demetrius on her side, followed by Lysander, and then Hermia. As Hermia walks behind Lysander, she stares at his feet, and decides to make him trip. Lysander plummets to the ground, hitting his head on a heavy rock, making him unconcious. When Lysander wakes up, he spots Hermia staring at him, and soon falls in love with her.

As they get closer to Athens, Demetrius beside Helena and Hermia beside Lysander, Puck waves his magical flower over all their heads, resulting in Hermia and Demetrius loving each other and Helena and Lysander as a couple.

Now everything turns out to Theseus' servant's satisfaction, as his daughter happily marries the one he chose.

Zachary F. - Period 6

matt s. said...

…Later, Hermia’s father is furious with his daughter. He has a dream that she fled into the woods, leading him to an adventure that leads him into the fairy land. While he is in the fairyland the fairies decide he should be a fairy leader. The fairies realize that he wants Hermia to marry Demetrius, so they cast a spell on him making him forget he has a daughter and turning him into a fairy king. Hermia comes back to the fairy land, finding that her father has become a fairy, asks him to cast a spell on Lysander so that he falls back in love with her, not telling her fairy father who she is. Lysander is now in love with Hermia, and Helena and Demetrius are in love. Both couple return to the fairy land were Hermia’s “fairy father” is pleased in their company celebrating both of their marriages together. What the couples do not know is that after they are married in fairy land that they too, become fairies.

Talia said...

Puck's silly mistake cause quite the ruckus in the village. Love was a battlefield indeed. Nobody seemed to love the one that loved them in return. As the four confused, yet starstruck lovers ventured on home, Hermia, lonley and alone, makes a wish upon a fluffy flower. (I don't know what they're called, poseys?) She wishes upon it that there will be enough love for the four of them, and that it will be rightfully distributed. The following morning comes early and bright, waking hermia from her bed. In the kitchen stands lysander, with two eggs frying and a bouqeut of roses on the table. "Hello darling." he lovingly whispers into her ear. Hermia cannot believe what is happening. As she is about to protest to lysander's foolishness, she remembers the posey. "That's it!!" she excliams. Days after, Helena begins to realise the lysander is no longer around. She questions Hermia on the subject. "Let me tell you, Helena." Hermia leads Helena out into the forest where she found the posey. "Watch." she whispers. Bending to pick a flower, Hermia tells Helena to ask for something simple of that flower. "Ok." Helena replies skeptically. "I wish for a silk bunny." Almost magically, as Helena blows the posey, a silk bunny comes hopping out of the forest. "Oh my.." helena starts. "One more time, a bit of a bigger wish now." Hermia mumbles, picking another, bigger flower. "I wish for a new species of flower, to grow on the tree barks." Knowing this would never occur in reality, Helena becomes annoyed with the idea. "What does this have to do with Oberon?!" she demands. "You'll see! Impatient fiend." Hermia relpies. As Helena blows on the posey, flowers begin to grow on the barks of the trees. "Now, on the biggest flower, I want you to wish for Oberon." Hermia instructs. Helena obeys, wishing for Oberon's love once again. In almost a flash, Oberon emerges from the forest depths with a bouqet of roses, identical to the ones that Lysander gave to Hermia that morning. A smile spread over Helena's face and Oberon took her into his arms.

Anonymous said...

Oberon has created a royal mess by mixing up his spells. The big question is how to undo the mess and match up the lovers that should be together. Duke Theseus decides to have a grand ball with all the players. He invites Helena, Demetrius, Hermia, Lysander, Titania, and Puck.

Oberon meets with Puck and the magical fairy musicians to come up with a plan to trick the players with their destiny match. Since many suspect that Puck is the one to cast spells, they have to come up with a sneaky way to match people up. The duke decides to hide the spell in the music of the harp. Together they plot the huge affair with the hope that their plan will solve the problems of the mixed up lovers.

The night of the big bash arrives and every body shows up. Each person is given a dance card with a number on it. The Duke has the love pairs all set up to dance. The fairies begin the spell binding music. Everyone thinks they are going to play a royal game. But, little do they know the Duke will seal their fate.

The pairs are all called to the floor by numbers, to dance. Hermia and Demetrius, Helena and Lysander, Titania and Oberon began to dance to the transforming, slow music. One couple at a time began to smile and feel this uncontrolled desire for their partner. The plan works and the memory of the past is forgotten .The kingdom is back in order and the couples live on happily ever after.
giuseppe period 4

Matt T said...

Puck realized that what he had done was a huge mistake. He knew that Obreon would not be happy with Titania’s new love. And now Helena had two guys falling for her as well. Puck quickly told Obreon what had happened and he gave him two potions. To reverse the love of Lysander and Demetrius they would both have to drink the potion in under 24 hours. Puck searched everywhere and to only find Lysander in the city. Puck had told him this drink would make him strong and smarter than the other men in the town. Without thought Lysander drank it down, not knowing the effect the potion had. Puck went back to the forest forgetting all about Demetrius. The 24 hours had gone by and the potion would no longer affect Demetrius. He would forever love Helena, and she loved him too. They were quickly inseparable. As of Lysander, he found Hermia. She was desperately in love with him and Lysander soon loved her back. They ended up getting married despite Hermia’s father, the servant. All was well besides the actor with the head of an ass. To him he was normal and had no clue. Titania could not love him even with the spell on her. She caught one sight of her husband, Oberon, and was back at his side.

Natschja said...

Puck realizes his big mess, and tries to find a way to fix all of it. As he was playing with his little wand and pixie dust, he accidentally casts a spell on himself. When he turns around the first thing he sees is Oberon; who know nothing of what Puck has just done to himself. As Oberon is yelling at Puck for making his wife fall in love with a guy with a head of an ass, Puck just stares at him lovingly. The spell that he had casted on himself caused him to fall in love with Oberon.
Meanwhile, Titania is of in the woods chasing the man with the head of an ass. He sees her and falls deeply in love with her beauty. As Titania and Nick Bottom fall in love, Helena takes advantage of this new admiration. She milks the guys for all the compliments she can get. Hermia became very upset of this new development that she goes off to find the fairy responsible for all this.
Hermia runs into Puck who is going around with stars in his eyes for Oberon. Because Puck is so in love with Oberon, he is incapable of listening to Hermia’s requests. She is stuck listening to his rants about how much he is in love with Oberon and why. This goes on for quite some time. She eventually just gets fed up and goes to the king of fairies himself.
He sorts everything out. Lysander loves Hermia once again, and they go off to elope. Demetrius and Helena also get married. And Titania is back with her husband. The man with the head of an ass is left there standing all by himself.

Olivia said...

Our story continues with King Oberon, who is very annoyed with Puck’s careless mistake. “How could you cause even more confusion with all of the love circles around here…and manage to turn Nick Bottom’s head into an ass?” Oberon shouted. Puck was foolishly smirking at the mess he made. Only Duke Theseus and Hippolyta were left out of this mess, with their wedding day near by. Demetrius and Lysander continued he ongoing battle for their loved one Helena, and Hermia’s heart still longs only for Lysander. Oberon orders Puck to fix what he has done, so that everyone may love who they are supposed to and live happily ever after if at all possible. Puck however, delivers some unhappy news to Oberon regarding his “order.” The only way that the spell will wear off Lysander and make things right again, is if the person that the spell was originally cast on kisses the one they fell in love with. This meant that Oberon would have to let Titania kiss Nick Bottom, the man with the head of an ass. Oberon agrees, giving up his beloved wife just so he could make everyone happy. Titania kisses Bottom and Lysander loves Hermia again. Demetrius ends up falling in love with Helena as well, and it seems like everyone can be in love again. But..what about dear King Oberon? Well, Puck was hiding one more thing up his tricky sleeve. Because Oberon gave up his love for others, it was returned to him for his good deed. Titania came back to her husband and he was overjoyed. They promised to never fight again. All joined Theseus’s and Hippolyta’s wedding and had a wonderful time together. Everyone was madly in love and overjoyed…except for Nick Bottom who still had the head of an ass… =]

Ted said...

Because of Puck creating this big love mess, Oberon, King of the fairies, plans on punishing Puck unless Puck is able to completely fix everything and make the situation the way it was before this had all happened. Puck agrees to do what Oberon says for him to do and promises not to mess it up again, but then he gets another idea. His idea is to make Lysander fall in love with Hermia, even though Hermia is planned to marry Demetrius. Puck also plans to make Demetrius fall in love with Helena. This is able to have the two woman marry the men that they are actually in love with and not the men who they are being forced to marry, even though they are not in love with them. Puck does as he plans to do and it works out quite well. Also, to not make Oberon, his master, any more angry and upset as he is, he makes Titania fall back in love with Oberon and not with the man with the head of an ass, Nick Bottom. Lastly, Puck is also able to change the rehearsing actor's head from the head of an ass to what his head was like before. The only problem is that in order for puck to change the actor's head, he has to give the head of an ass to someone else. that is when Puck has the idea of punishing the royal Duke, Theseus, by giving him the head of an ass for capturing Hippolyta from the amazons to marry him. So everyone is fine with whom they are with now, except for Hippolyta who is not in love with anyone, but she still can and stay in the city of Athens or go back to the Amazons. In the end, she chooses to stay, but the most surprising thing is that she falls in love with Puck, also known as Robin Goodfellow, who is the only other person that is not in love with anyone else. To make their relationship more comfortable, Hippolyta wants her new husband, Puck to make her into another one of those fairy. he happily does so, and all of the couples live happily ever after.

tori "Flash" said...

The story of course must have a happy ending like in all shakspearen comedy's, so....
So, to get the mess with the lovers Hermia, Lysander, Helena, adnd Demetrius over with, Puck casts a spell on all of them saying that the first person they see, they will fall in love with. But, the first time they see each other they are all in a group. So, they become in love with each other in a whole. This makes them head over heels for all foue of them. So, they are all so deeply in love with one another that they dont get jealous about the others love.
After the princess falls in love with the man with the head of an ass, the king realizes that he has control of the young boy and decides to make him into the warrior. this solves both heir problems.
Like all Shakspearen plays, the comedy ends happy, but for the man with the ass for the face, hes just plan out of luck!

Tori "Flash"

Jenn with Two n's said...

If I were to predict what would happen next in this huge disaster in A Midsummers Night Dream I would predict that for Helena her wish has come true becuase from the beginning she loved Demetrius.So Demetrius and Helena stay in love but as for Lysander he gets rejected by Helena and Helena only stays in love with Demetrius. As for Hermia she is trapped with no one who loves or and no one to love, she then finds out what Oberon has done and forces him to make Lysander fall in love with her and let Demetrius and Helena stay together. Since titania has fallen in love with theman with the head of an ass she and the man with the head of an assadopt a young Indian Boy togther and raise him as Titania wanted to do with Oberon. Oberon is left unhappy and has no one to love he still regrets the spells he casted on all of this friends, he is left alone and soon becomes very angry with what he has done. TO make the situation better Oberon trys to reverse the spell he cast.

Dominique said...

After realizing that he is to blame for this whole 'love mess', Puck knows he has to do something to fix it. So, he reverses all of his spells that he cast on people, including the man with the head of an ass. Now, things are back to how they were in the beginning of the story, still a mess, but not as complicated. Puck does cast a spell however, on one person, and that is Hermia's father. Now, he is under Puck's spell, and believes that true love between Hermia and Lysander is more important than anything. He agrees to let them get married. Demetrius is heart broken at first, but he soon gets over it and falls in love with Helena.
As for Titania, the spell was reversed, so she's not in love with the man with the head of an ass anymore. She and Oberon stop fighting about the Indian Boy, because he runs away from all these crazy people.
Puck fixes his mistake, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

After discovering that the love of her life no longer longs for her, Hermia returns home with a broken heart and explains to her father what had happened. Filled with saddness over his own daughter’s sorrow, the servant goes to Theseus and asks if he can speak with Oberon about having Puck return everything back to its original order. After speaking with Theseus Oberon was furious with Puck’s doings. “You must undo all of the spells and return everything back to normal!” Oberon shouted. Afraid of what consequences will come of this mess, Puck cast a spell that made Lysander return his love for Hermia. Although the servant wanted his daughter to marry Demetrius he was just as satisfied just seeing his daughter happy with the man she loved. However, there was still work to done. Puck still had the matters of Titania loving a man with the head of an ass and Demetrius’ love for Helena. But, when he discovered how much Helena had loved him he decided to leave things the way they were. As for Titania, Oberon’s wish was for her to fall in love with the first thing she saw so Puck left her to be with the man with a head of an ass but decided to return his head back to normal.

Nicole period 4

Anonymous said...

Oberon, the king of Faires realizes that Puck caused this whole love mess. So King Oberon sentenced Puck to life with no majic..unless he creates a spell to reverse the confusing spell he origianlly put on everyone which got them into a huge mess, with in 3 days.So once Puck found out he hurried and started working on this new spell he had to create.Then finally he created one and then flew around to all the people you put the bad spell on and put the new reverse spell on all of them, to make things go back to normal..well not normal, just usual. But Puck wanted to make everyone happy so in order to do that he had to put a spell on Hermia's father. He did this because he wanted Hermia's father to allow Hermia and Lysander to get married. And just as Puck thought once he put the spell on Hermia's father, he accepted the marriage.Once Demetrious found out he was distraught at first but eventually got over it and fell in love with Helena. For Titania the spell was also reversed on her so she no longer loved the man with the head of an ass.Her and Oberon stop fighting about the Indian boy and Titania runs away so try to find herself true love and get away from the craziness.Then everyone lives happily ever after...

Liz P.

Anonymous said...

i have no idea. I'm lost!!!


Dana said...

Once Puck and Oberon realize the mistakes they have made by having everyone fall in love with the wrong person, they decide to fix it all. The first thing they do it change the man with the head of an ass back to his normal head. Then they place Oberon in front of Titania, and Puck does the spell. Obviously, the first person Titania sees is her husband Oberon, and she is back in love with him once again. Getting the lovers back to normal is going to be even more difficult. Puck and Oberon decide that they can’t fix everything alone, so they go to Hermia for help. To fix her mess with Lysander, they have her stand in front of him while they cast the spell. Now Lysander is back in love with Hermia as he should be. Demetrius already loves Helena due to the spell, so Oberon and Puck keep it that way. Now everyone has someone to love. The marriage of Thesius and Hippolyta can continue on happily and uninterrupted.


George D. said...

Oberon and Puck have finally come to their senses and decided to fix the love mess in which they have created. Oberon realizes how detrimental the loss of his wife has been, so he decides to cast a "reverse spell" on her. When he does this, she now loves him again and not the man with the head of an ass. Yet, there was still another conflict between their "family" to be resolved...the Indian Boys fate. Through numerous conferences, they come to a compromise that it should be their son's choice on his future, when the time comes and he's responsible enough to make that decision. Meanwhile, Oberon orders Puck to cast another spell on Lysander which makes him fall in love with Hermia instead of Helena. Now, both couples lived happily ever after, and the wedding of Duke Theseus and Hippolyta can be carried on as it would have been before this whole mess was created.

John M said...

Puck realizes his got into some trouble. He deciceds to try an find a way to fix all the mess he made. He takes a magic wand an by mistake he cast a spell on himself. He turned himself into another person. Oberon; who know nothing of what Puck has just done to himself. As Oberon is yelling at Puck for making his wife fall in love with a guy with a head of an ass, Puck just stares. The spell that he had casted on himself caused him to fall in love with Oberon. With all this confusion King Oberon thought that to gather everyone to see how everything will work out. If they didnt lisen to the king, he would put a spell that would force them to be what he wants them to be. Everyone was frightened by the kinds remarks. He made everyone get along and lived happly ever after.

Anonymous said...

Oberon realizes that he has made a big mess with this person falling in love with that person and people walking around with heads of ass'. But when he tries to fix his mistake he realizes that the only way that he can make things right is if he gives himself the body of a horse. Oberon fears that his wife will not love him anymore and will also be angry at him for casting a spell on her and makeing her fall in love with a man with an ass for a head. He also fears that all the people that had spells cast on them will be angry at him and kill him. He then has to make a choice-Does he walk around for the rest of his life with the body of a horse or does he let his wife and all of the people in the kingdom walk around falsely in love? He decides that he will walk around with the body of a horse for the rest of his life and he fixes all of it. When Titania comes out of the spell and see's her husband and finds out that he is the reason the spell was cast on her she is very angry. But she realizes that he was just being his stupid selfish self and she forgives him. She also has a good laugh at his horse body before she reveals to him that she can undo his horse body/

~Jesse Period 4

Eric said...

Puck and Oberon were scared because they knew they did something terrible. They knew that cupid was the only person that could make one person fall in love with another. Since Oberon was the king of all fairies he made Puck do all his dirty work. So Puck went over to cupid's house in the clouds right away. Mean while back in the woods Oberon and Titania were still argueing over the young Indian Boy. Puck finally get to cupids house and pleads with him to change the spell and help Oberon and Puck. Cupid didn't agree with this decision but he knew that if he didnt do what Oberon wanted, he would probably get "wacked." So he changed the spell. But in return Cupid got to change Pucks head into a head of and ass. And not the ones you see on a farm.

Anonymous said...

Puck and Oberon know they have to fix the mess they created, therefore Oberon releases his wife from the spell.His wife was so happy and proud of Oberon. Puck found one day a mermaid laying on the beach and fell in love with her at first look. Then Oberons friend Cupid changed Oberons head into an ass. The mermaid did not find that attractive, at first. The mermaid king Lactros found out about the relationship, and one day when Puck swamm out to the island he and amora the mermaid always met a big storm came in wich destroyed the island, Puck couldn't swimm so he was falling down into the ocean.Amora was shocked when she saw her father was under the sea with his zepter. But she didn't have time to ask him why, she had to save Oberon. Oberon was already drowning and going down to the ground of the ocean. When Amora finally found Oberon she swamm up to the beach they first met, she thought it was over, that to much water got in his lungs. But she gave him one last kiss goodbye, Oberon woke up and was also staying on her lips. Amora suddenly changed, her finn changed into legs and her breathing openings on her side of her stomach closed. Her dad then came out of now where and screamed in the darkness of the clowdes:"Nooooooo, this can't be why?why? It can't be!!" Amora then answerd:"Dad look at me I am human!! My dream all I ever wanted". Her dad then understood, that what she did was what she always wanted. Oberon and Amora got married and had 16 kid all boys that looked exactly like Oberon with there ass heads. And they lived happyly ever after.


Jess! said...

Miller. It was three in the morning, and I'm still not done yet, so...wait and see, with baited breath. It's not done, but I'll resolve things eventually. Hey, at least it's on time, right?


PS: Oh, crap. The spacing got all screwed up...

Midsummer’s Night Ending # 2!

Bottom: Prithee, and tell me your name!
Titiana: Titiana, Queen of Fairies.
Bottom: And such a beautiful name, for a beautiful woman such as thee.
Bottom and Titiana do whatever it is they can do, with her being more or less doped and him having a less-than-human anatomical structure. Enter Puck, stage right, laughing gleefully.
Puck: Hark and hither, ye bashful folk, for the trap was set, and Titiana, its prey! And how she stumbled so gracefully!
Titiana and Bottom’s romantic tryst has been interrupted and they advance on him angrily.
Puck: And again, like the night, here cometh Robin Goodfellow, and steal away again!
Puck disappears or runs off, or something. Either way, he’s gone, and Titiana is slowly becoming more conscious of her situation…Enter the Troupe of players…
Snug: What’s this I see? Be it beast?
Starveling: Or being?
Quince pushes his way through
Quince: Neither beast, being, nor braggart be. ‘Tis Bottom! And oh, what a fate has befallen him.
Bottom: Fellows? What’s all this?
Quince: You’ve…you’ve…
Through laughter
Quince: The head of an ass!
Bottom: Not possible! No! No!
Currently a little distracted by Titiana, who is now fully conscious.
Titiana: Fair Bottom, had you the head and tail of an ass, ‘twould be even the more endearing, for I’d rather a man with an ass’s body than an ass of a man.
Bottom and Titiana kiss. Oberon walks on in, hoping to reap glory and bragging points from his little trick. But oh crap. No.
Oberon: Aha, fair Titiana, now do you see the error of your ways? You have fallen in love with an ass!
Famous last words, Oberon. Bottom’s potion turns off and—poof!—he’s human now. Hooray.
Bottom: Prithee, leave the lady and I in peace.
Titiana: Oberon, long dead, I leave thee,
Like the fruits of summer, the wind runs free,
Emboldening for autumn’s harsh weather, she
Whooshes by, as though never there.
Farewell, cruel trick, for ‘twas not meant to be,
I leave, and the Bottom, leaveth with me,
And although, dear Oberon, ‘twas I being fooled,
It is clear to me now, the winner of this duel.
That pair leaves, and surprise, surprise, Puck comes back.
Puck: I see that our plan, thwarted like a misshapen hat, has gone slightly awry.
Oberon: Speaketh not to me, for I am verily irate.
Helena walks in, and falls asleep where she is standing. A few minutes later, Lysander, Demetrius, and Hermia also walk in and fall asleep.
Puck: Aha! An idea enter, into the mind of the fair Robin Goodfellow!
He sprinkles some of one potion into Demetrius, and some into the head of Helena. And finally, he takes some potion, too.
Puck: May fair Lady Chance guide these wand’ring minstrels of love.
Puck leaves. Hours pass by, and the foursome gets up and leaves, all in different directions. And the Troupe comes back, Bottom included.
Bottom: Pray, where is the Troupe, in its entirety? Peter Quince, and I, Nick Bottom, here, but what accounts of the rest? Be they asleep, cozy in their beds, while we slave at work? Be they lying dead in a country road, victims of their own ignorance? Be they—
Quince: Nay, Bottom! Many have quit the troupe, because of a certain insufferable boast and braggart.
Bottom: Ah, well, seeing as Snug’s gone, they can all come back now.
Quince: ‘Tis thee that’s the braggart, poor sir, and now, there’s a lesson in thine boasts. Now, you must play all the parts, you must learn the roles of Pyramus and Thisbe’s love lost, for there is nobody else now in this troupe.
Bottom: What? Surely not! But…what of Theseus?
Quince: Ah, a jovial thought! Perhaps he’ll be elated, amused, and he’ll clap and shout for more.
Both: We hang by dawn.
Quince: But never mind that, you must—
Oberon walks in, distraught.
Oberon: My dear, dear Titiana.
Bottom hides.
Oberon: How shall I ever, ever find another like her? I shant. I shant! Oh, whatever shall I do! I must leave this fair place, I must take my fairies and leave, and leave with the Indian Boy and—
Suddenly, Hermia walks in. Oberon exeunt stage right over to Hermia.
Oberon: My dear lady.
Hermia: Sir!
Crossing the stage, they stare into each other’s eyes and madly embrace. Enter Puck and Helena, from…some deep dark corner.
Puck: Fair ones, from where do you hail?
Helena: My darling Puck, doth it matter to we? Having found each other, and finding this pair, is it necessary to find more, or to be found once more?
Puck: Shh, dear Helena. We’ve time for plenty, and long for none, save each other.
Oberon and Hermia completely ignore this and leave. Lysander and Demetrius walk in and stare at each other.
Lysander: The womanfolk have new lovers found.
Demetrius: Aye, and new opportunities for us abound!
Ripping off their masks, the two reveal a pair of flesh-sucking aliens!
Lysander: To home we return, having failed to breed.
Demetrius: To home, to home, sweeter words never speaked.
Lysander: Spoken.
Demetrius: I’d rather the rhyme than the reason.
Helena screams and points.
Helena: You, whom I lusted, whom I spoke of my very desires and you, whom I kissed slowly in the night!
Demetrius zaps her in the head and she faints. Lysander and Demetrius leave together to their mother ship and Puck is left alone. Puck picks up Helena and exits stage left. Enter the troupe of two, and Theseus and Hippolyta.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Hang on a sec. I just realized how everyone ELSE did that...



Anonymous said...

Since this has to be some what of a Shakespearean comedy then:

Once Oberon had realized what Puck had done he sent Puck back into the woods to fix everything. So Puck goes back in to the woods to find Hermia, Lysander, Demetrius and Helena but they weren’t there, they were on their way back to the castle. So when puck had caught up to them he got ready to shoot his arrow at Demetrious to make him fall back in love with Hermia. But as Puck pulled back the string of his bow, Oberon appeared behind him to see how things were coming. Making Puck jump, accidentally letting the arrow go. When Puck realized the arrow had left his hands he looked around frantically to see were it had gone. He shrieks as he finds out that the arrow has hit Helena. Oberon asks what’s wrong right before he realizes that Helena has suddenly fallen madly in love with the royal Duke Theseus. Oberon is furious, now Puck has royally screwed things up. Now Helena is in love with Theseus while lysander and Demetiruos are in love with her.
Oberon decided to give Puck one more chance before he was out of luck. But this is the thing, Oberon said he didn't care who was in love with who only that every one was happy and in love with someone. So Puck went out and had some fun. He made Theseus and Helena madly in love and he made Hippolyta fall in love with the actor with the head of an ass. Puck wanted at least one love to go back to normal so he made Lysander and Hermia fall back in love. That leaves Demetrius. Puck sat down and tried to figure out who Demetrius should be put in love with. Then he thought of the perfect person. It was time for revenge. All of these years Puck has been pushed around and ordered to do so many different things. Puck knew his decision was going to have consequences but he felt it was worth it even if he was to die for it. Puck made Demetrios fall in love with Titania!!!

I think that’s pretty comical and tragic at the same time.

Period 1 Danielle

matt r - period 1 said...

Once after Demetrius and Lysander become accidentally infatuated with Helena, Titania wakes up from the spell which Oberon had placed on her and falls in love with a man who has the head of an ass. Unfortunately, this situation leaves Hermia deserted with nobody to love. In a fit of annoyance and frustration, Hermia sneaks into the dwelling of Puck, ravages through his home (mixing up potions, and misplacing spells), and steals the same potion which had initially caused Lysander to abandon her. Next, Hermia slips the love potion into one of Lysander’s drinks and the two become lovers once again. Considering how Lysander and Demetrius are no longer considered rivals, Demetrius and Helena become lasting lovers. Meanwhile, Puck scurries home so that he can pick up a complementary drink for his master, Oberon. Instead of picking up the drink, he brings to Oberon one of the potions which Hermia had mixed up. After drinking the concoction, Oberon passes out in the woods. Just like Lysander and Demetrius, Oberon falls deeply in love with the first person or thing that he sees. After having fallen asleep in the middle of the woods, Oberon awakens and unfortunately becomes permanently infatuated with an oak tree. In the end, Hermia ends up with Lysander, Demetrius with Helena, Titania with the man with the head of an ass, and Oberon with an oak tree. All in all, every character lived happily ever after……

matt r - per. 1

Jordan said...

The spell then is cast on Demetrius a second time in order for him to fall in love with Hermia, and he does. The only problem now is that Hermia doesn’t love him back, but is still stuck up on Lysander. Oberon sees this and realizes, unless she wants to become a nun or die, Hermia’s only option is to love Demetrius back. So Oberon casts the same magical flower spell on Hermia, who sees Demetrius first and falls madly in love with him. When Helena sees everything that is going on, she realizes that Hermia and Demetrius are in love, and Lysander is in love with her. Helena learns to love Lysander. Titania falls in love with the workman with the head of an ass, and they lived naturally in the open wild woods. Titania learned that he was an outdoors person and enjoyed living with the animals. She loved him dearly and adapted to her new surroundings turning into somewhat of a ‘Mrs. Tarzan” of the jungle. Everyone lived very happy lives. Theseus is happy with Hermia and Demetrius, as well as Helena and Lysander. He wished them all the best in their lives, and they both got married and lived happily ever after.

Anonymous said...

Puck and Oberon realized they had made a big mistake that could change everything. They had to work hard and fast to fix everything before it got worse. Now there were two guys in love with Helena. Oberon found two flowers again and gave them to Puck. Puck had to fix his mistake. He had to make Demetrius love Helena and Lysander to love Hermia. Puck hopes that the spells will work this time because the mess he created is so big he needs to stop it. It comes time to cast the spells. The spells work and puck fixed the problem that he created. So now Helena and Demetrius love each other. Lysander and Hermia love each other. Titania’s is still in love with Oberon. In the end everything was back to normal.


matt s said...


Lindsay said...

Once Oberon sees what a mess they both have made, he realizes that in order to fix the many problems, he needs to have his wife back; the one that he has loved all along. So, he and Puck take a journey to go seek Titania. They search for days and days, finally finding her. When they find her, they see her with the man who was given the head of an ass. Oberon was not at all expecting this...So; he and Puck cast a spell on her when she was not looking their way. Suddenly, she sat down and started crying, saying to herself, “I need to find the one I love; Oberon is the only one that I love!” Hearing this, Oberon flies over to her shoulder and says, “I am here now; not to worry. I love you.” With that, Oberon, Puck, and Titania discuss the recent disasters that they have caused among Demetrius, Helena, Hermia, and Lysander. Meanwhile, in the forest, Hermia is heartbroken. She decides to wander through the woods, however, she does not want to return home and face her father to tell him that not only does Lysander not love her, but Demetrius, too, doesn’t love her. Realizing the extent of these mix-ups, Titania orders Puck and Oberon to seek Hermia, before it is too late for her to fall in love with Lysander once again. When they seek her, she agrees to follow them in search for Demetrius, Lysander, and Helena. When they finally find the three lovers, they are shocked at what they see. Standing in front of them is Theseus and a few of his soldiers. He will not allow Hermia to be heartbroken; however, he still only wants Hermia to marry the one she does not love. This is Demetrius. Hermia explains to her father that she loves Lysander and that if she were to marry Demetrius, she would take her own life. Realizing that he wants his only daughter to be happy in her life, he casts a reverse spell on Lysander, so that he will be in love once again with Hermia. He leaves Demetrius and Helena as they are, because after all, this is what Helena wanted. Hermia is married to Lysander and Helena is married to the one that she loves; Demetrius.

-Lindsay, Period 1

Anonymous said...

The man with the head of an ass turns around to see Titania running towards him. He’s very confused, and finds her very strange. As Titania approaches him, she yells out to him, “I love you! Please stay with me forever!” Perplexed but somewhat scared, he turns and dashes away. He runs into the nearby town, where he is greeted with gaping faces and much laughter. He passes by a mirror, where for the first time he see that he has the head of an ass! “What is this?!” he exclaims. He knew at once that he had some type of spell cast over him. He had heard of only one person that could possibly to such tricks, and that’s Robin Goodfellow.

While the man with the head of an ass is looking for his magical friend Puck, back in the fairyland Oberon realizes his mistakes. His first task was to set everything right again. Frantically, Oberon searches for Puck. While he is searching, he bumps into the man with the head of an ass. Confused by the sight of the strange man, Oberon was about to avoid the man, but the man sees Oberon. He asks Oberon if he knows and where he might find Puck. Oberon replies, “Well, coincidently, I am also searching for him.” Fortunately, at that exact moment, a firework goes off nearby. “That must be him!” yells Oberon. The two of them rush off and find Puck making a mockery of things. Oberon demands that Puck help make everything right again. However, Puck is having too much fun to stop. The man with the head of an ass rushes at him and tackles him. As the two of them wrestle, the magical flower is left on the ground. Quickly, Oberon snatches it off the ground. “Ha! Now I can set everything the way it should be!”

The first thing Oberon does is cast a reverse love spell on his wife Titania. He casts more spells so that Hermia and Lysander fall in love again; and also makes Demetrius and Helena fall in love. When the man with the head of the ass finally gets off of Puck, Oberon thanks him very much. As Oberon is about to return the man to his normal state, Puck gets up and makes an attempt to get the magical flower back. Right before Puck gets to him, Oberon gives Puck the head of an ass, webbed feet, a lion’s tail, and an irresistible hunger for bird droppings. Scared out of his wits, Puck runs off. The man with the head of an ass asks Oberon if after he gives him his normal head back if he could give him the starting role in the play for Theseus’s wedding. Happy to oblige, Oberon does so. Finally, everyone is happy, and Puck got what he deserved.

-Mike M, Period 6

Anonymous said...

Helena and Hermia have basically switch roles from the beginning of the story. Hermia turns desperate for Lysander’s love as Helena once did for Demetrius. Helena will also shun Lysander as Hermia had done to Demetrius. Oberon who finally realizes you cant change love with magic decides to put puck to work and change everything back to normal, but Demetrius was never put under a spell he genuinely changed his favor from Hermia to Helen. Oberon also allows his wife to love the ass (even though Puck turns him back) because they fight to frequently and would rather be single. Once the four lovers re-enter Athens Hippolyta who is almost being forced to marry herself will step in with the whole love square and will allow Hermia marry who she wishes rather then who her dad wants.

Anonymous said...

the blog posting above belongs to Kelsey H. Per.1

James S said...

In the summary we read, Oberon has created a bit of a mess with everyone in the story, mostly with the four lovers from Athens. The way that I think he could fix the situation is that he should re-cast the love spell on Lysander and make it so he looks at Hermia first and falls back in love with her. Then Lysnader and Hermia will be together and Helena and Demitrius will be together. So all of the four lovers will be happy. I also think that Oberon should leave the head of an ass on the actor becuase it will make the play quite funny. And to fix the problem with his wife, I think that he should just have Puck re-cast the spell on Titania and have her look at Oberon. It really is a very easy thing to fix thanks to the help of the love spell.

James S
Period 1

Anonymous said...

Mark S.

It seems like Oberon has created a lot of the mess that encircles the four lovers. With the miss use of the love spells he turned everything into confusion. It should be solved by him re-casting the spells to make it that lysander and Hermia fall back in love just like before. Also he should make Demitrius fall in love with Helena because Helena seems to trully love him and there could be a possiblity of true love, instead he seems to just like Hermia because her father treats him well and doesnt really love her. As for the head an ass i agree with james someone should have it because it adds a funny touch to the play. With the Titania problem he could fix that just like the other love mess was fixed through the use of the love spell which is able to turn around the whole situation and make everyone fall in love with their original lovers.

Brianna Morris said...

Because this story is not a tragedy… Hermia still loves Lysander and Lysander still loves her. Theseus plans to marry Hippolyta, whom he captured from the Amazons but on his wedding day he gets so wrapped up in how strongly he loves Hippolyta he tells Lysander and Hermia that they can get married. As far ad Demetrious and Helena go when they go into the forest Oberon casts the spell on only Demetrious and Helena is the first thing that he looks at so they fall in love and get married. The man with the head of the ass was not cast a spell on so everyone lives happily ever after! :)

Anonymous said...

Nicole T. (P.1) says...
well, I think the lovers are all still going to run to the magical forest and this is were all the magic and problems will occur but it will end well. Hermia and Lysander will be together in the forest happy, but when Demetrius shows up they will try to run away again and Helena will run after Demetrius and make her move on him. But now the fairy king and queen will work their magic and put love spells on them and make the two men fall in love with Helena, this will add a twist to when Lysander says that it's normal for true love to go through some problems. Meanwhile Theseus will be so focused on getting married on his wedding day and accept Hermia and Lysander to get married. The fairies will see how much they screwed up the love triangle and undo the spell for lysander so he will be in love with hermia again, but they will not take away the spell from demetrius so he can love helena. The lovers will return together and explain that Demetrius does not love Hermia any more and wants to marry Helena, and Egeus will allow his daughter to marry Lysander.


In the end Oberon relizes that he is using much to much magic. He knows what he has done wrong and knows what he has to do to fix it. Hermia l<3ves Demetrius once again and Demetrius l<3ves Helena. As for Lysander and for Helena they have lucked out. And well it very sad, but it happens. It may not easy, but it gets better. Noone has a perfect love life. sometimes you have to go in a bumpy car ride to get to your final destination. Getting over them is the hardest part, forgetting. Its sad when you can't get over someone that you really liked/love for even a couple of years.
Everybody lived lived happily ever after, Oberon relized that he was using magic way to much, and promised to use it only for good. AS for the lovers: Hermia and Demetrius, they lived happily ever after.