27 March 2007

Midsummer Post #3: To whom would you give advice?

This is the third Midsummer post and is due before class starts on Friday, March 30.

In A Midsummer Night's Dream, we encounter four lovers. Each has a unique dilemma, some more serious than others. There's Hermia and Lysander, who love each other but can't be together. There's Helena, desperate for Demetrius's love and willing to do almost anything. And there's Demetrius, who has Helena's love, but would rather have Hermia's.

Imagine for a moment these four characters are regulars in the BHS commons. You are their friend, and they need your advice about what to do with their love life. Who would you give advice to, and what would you tell them? Choose one of the four lovers and write a note to them with your best friendly advice about their situation.

Start your letter, "Dear ____" ...

Don't hold back. The person you are giving advice to relies on you for being honest and upfront with them.


Lindsay said...

Dear Helena,
I am sorry to hear that the one you love does not have mutual feelings for you. You are probably questioning yourself with,"What am I doing wrong?",or "How can I change myself to make him love me again?" I will say to you that I know exactly how you feel. There is always a big possibility that you will love someone who does not entirely love you back. This is just how love works, and do not expect that because someone is loved by you, they will willingly give you their love. I know that it is hurtful to face these feelings, because he would rather be with Hermia. It is his loss because he has the opportunity to love a beautiful woman. All I can tell you is to be yourself and wait for someone who wants to be with you through your whole life. He will soon come, and you will be forever happy.

-Lindsay, period 1

natschja said...

Dear Demetrius,
First off I have to say, you’re crazy! There’s a girl who’s head over heels for you named Helena, and you want nothing to do with her! Instead you’d rather be with someone who absolutely despises you and is in love with another guy, Lysander. Of course it’s common that it’s more fun to go after a challenge. However, when it comes to marriage, it’s just not worth it anymore. Helena is willing to do anything for you, and I mean anything. Just keep that in mind. If you don’t remember, Hermia is willing to be put to death than marry you. Let’s be honest, you can’t possibly want her that badly. Plus if you really do love her, don’t you want to see her happy? If you just simply decide not to marry her everyone would be happy. Hermia would then be able to marry Lysander, and you can have Helena. And forget what Theseus and Egeus want, they can’t do anything if you don’t want to marry Hermia anyways. So, just get over Hermia and let her be happy, and make Helena happy by being with her.

Anonymous said...

Dear Helena,
I'm so sorry to hear about how things are with you and Demetrius. I can't really tell you anything but I hope things get better. In my opinion, I think you should find better. Demetrius obviously does not have the same passion you do for him and there is a man out there who does, find him. Forget Demetrius, let him feel the heartbrake he is giving you, let him see what he is missing out on, it's his choice to be without you, show him what he could have if he made the choice of having you. There is a man out there who will show you the same amount of love and more than you have shown Demetrius, and I think you shoudls top wasting your time trying to get attention he is not willing to give up.
(Nicole T. p.1)

Olivia said...

Dear Demetrius,
I have some advice that will benefit you in the future. If i was you in this situation, i would read closely and do what i say. Hermia has no love for you. There is no chance that you two will ever end up together. Therefore, in order for you to be happy, you need to get over her. You have another beautiful woman in love with you. Helena would die for you. WHat is better than that? I strongly suggest you start investing in a life with Helena. It will only provide happiness for everyone in the future and stop the ongoing love confusion in Athens. If you truly loved Hermia, you would let her be happy and in love with Lysander instead of putting her life at risk. Even if a miracle happens and you and Hermia end up together, she will be miserable. So take my advice, move on, and marry Helena.

matt s. said...

Dear Helena,
Right now your life is a mess. You are the one that truely loves Demitrius, yet he has none for you.I think that your friend Hermia and Lysander will stay together and not listen to the views of Hermia's father. This will bring a realiztion to Demtrius that Hemrmia really doesnt love him and he will fall for you. THis seems hard to believe right now but it will happen. It will just take time and I think you will be with Demtrius in true love just like you have been feeling.
Sincerly, Matt s

James said...

Dear Lysander,
It's James. I understand that you have been in a bit of a sticky situation with Hermia and everyone else. I know that yoiu are probably having a really hard time dealing with it and figuring out which decision is the best one to make. I personally have been in some tough situations with girls and such. But if I could give you some advice I would say that, if you really love Hermia, you should do whatever it takes to get her. Even if that means disobeying orders. Just do whatever it takes. And if you two are meant to be together thatn it will happen. I wish you the best of luck with your situation and I hope you too end up being happy together.
James S

Period 1

Jess! said...

Dear Helena,

You are an idiot. Let's be honest, here. You love a douchebag. That's one problem. If you're hellbent on having him, though, you're going to have to try some new and exciting tactics to woo him, despite the fact that he's supposed to woo you. But this is the real world, and there are no knights in shining armor, and you may have to do a little bit of work yourself to get what you want. It's called reality. Deal with it. First off, Demetrius isn't a sadist, so I'd drop the spaniel bit. Second, don't lose the ties you have with Hermia. It's not her fault that Demetrius is in love with her, and she's not trying to hold him back just so you are deprived. And it's obvious that she and Lysander are going to have billions of perfect little babies, so keep her around. She might be able to help you. :) I hope my advice helped you. I think you're a strong, independent woman, but you need to get your priorities straight, because it's not in your best interest to pine over a guy who's only in it for sex.


Anonymous said...

Garrett said

Dear Helena,

Your life is all out of order. You love Demitrius, who loves Hermia. Demitrius will realize that he can never get Hermia to love him because Hermia and lysander love eachother. Once Demitrius sees that Hermia wont fall in love with you Demitrius will eventually fall in love with you. You may have to wait a long time, but if you be patient it will pay off. Demitruis doent love you right now so dont let him use you as a sex toy. Lysander and Hermia will eventually have kids and when that happens Demetrius will no longer love Hermia and fall in love with you. I hope you will listen to my advice.

Garrett V. period 4

Anonymous said...

Dear Lysander
It’s your good friend Anthony, I am hearing that your going thorough some problems with Hermia. I am writing this for you because I know what you’re going through; I thought I could give you some advice. The advice I am giving you is that if you want to be with her that bad then you guys can make it happen and I wish you the best of luck. If that doesn’t happen there are a lot of women out there you just have to open up your eyes and see. But I think if you want her that bad then keep doing what you’re doing and just don’t give up that easy.

Your good friend

Zachary F. said...

Dear Hermia,
You’re truly brave to ignore your father to go with the one you love, Lysander, and I congratulate you for that. Egeus should not be able to control your actions for your entire life; you must make your own decisions. I also believe you’re the perfect match for Lysander, he is a respectful, young man that is truly in love with you. Please, be careful to not get caught by anyone, for if you do, you will have to pay the consequences. I will do what I can to help you out on your journey, just as Helena has done for you. Good luck.

Your good friend,
Zachary F.

Michelle said...

Dear Demetrius,

You need to let go of Hermia. She doesn’t love you, so stop wasting your time. Helena is head over heels in love with you. Get on with your life and realize that Hermia loves Lysander. Hermia would rather die than marry you. She is doing anything she can to not be with you. Yet Helena would do anything for you. Open your eyes and see the picture. Look at who really loves you.
Period 1

Ted said...

Dear Demetrius,
I think you should really change your idea about getting married with Hermia because you are in love with her and her father, Egeus wants her to marry you. The only problem is that she does not love you. I am sure that you are aware that if she does not marry you, she will be killed or become a nun. That is why I say that if you really are in love with her, you will let her go and call off the marriage so Hermia will not have to suffer. If you do this, at least you will know that the one you were once in love with is safe and enjoying a happy life. I also think you should not force a marriage between you and Hermia because you have someone else, Helena, that is madly in love with you. She would do anything for you if she was able to be with you. Also, you should not marry Hermia because, if you are not yet aware, Hermia and Helena are best friends, and if you and Hermia got married it would greatly disturb Helena and possibly ruin their relationship.

Anonymous said...

Mark S

Dear Lysander,
Its your good friend Mark, ive heard that you have been going through some tough times and are in need of some help. Going through similar problems i think i cant relate well to yours. I think that the next course of action you should take is to sit down and really ponder on the thought of not being able to have Hermia in your life. If you find that your love for her is to emense then you should, no matter the concequences, do everything possible to be with Hermia. Once you realize that then decisions should come easier but if you find that you dont love her as much as you thought you did then the risks and consequences are not worth taking. Love is like a child and it likes to play games to be carful in your decision. I hope i was of some help my friend.
Your Friend,

Jordan said...

Dear Demetrius,

I know you are probably sick of hearing people, especially Helena's friends, tell you things, but hear me out. Love is something that doesn’t come around often. Some people don’t ever find love, and spend a lifetime waiting for the love of their life. Do you want to live your life alone wondering what could have been? Helena loves you with all of her heart, and I know that you still have feelings for Hermia, but she and Lysander are both in love with each other and look to get married. Helena is a great girl, and maybe if you stopped fantasizing about you and Hermia when it’s not ever going to happen, you would realize that Helena is just as well a girl as Hermia. If you would just give her the chance rather than spending all of your time concentrating on Hermia, who doesn’t want anything to do with you. I’m sure Helena seems annoying to you because she wants so bad to be with you and you won’t give her the time of day. Sometimes when people are ‘up your butt’ about things it’s annoying, but if you give them a little attention in return, they will eventually back off and give you your space. Helena deserves to be treated great, and you can be that guy that wins her love forever, mainly because you already have her love. So give her a chance, and get to know her as a person, not as that other girl that is Hermia’s friend, but as Helena the girl who is interested in you.

Yours truly,

Jenn with Two N's said...

Dear Helena,
Love is a very precious and personal thing, believe me I know exactly how you feel. Always remember that you are never alone is this so called love, everyone faces it everyday. I understand from what i hear that you love this boy name Demetrius, but he dosen't love you back. Well i have some advice for you, you can show Demetrius how great you are by having a positive and happy attitude around him all the time. Trust be when i say this no one wnats to be around someone who is depressed and sad all the time, not saying that you are. Just be yourself all the time, and he may just come around to enjoying your company more and more by you being there for him in his ups and downs. Everyone is always looking for a shoulder to lean on, you can be that shoulder for Demetrius. Helena just remeber one very important thing, if Demetrius can't see how great and beautiful you are then Demetrius just isn't that guy for you.

Your Helpful Friend,
Jenn with Two N's

Will J. said...

Dear Lovers,

First off, Hermia and Lysander, you two love each other very much. I say let your relation keep going and see what happens. Hermia, you have to let your father know that he's no the boss of you. Demetrius is nice and all, but i think you should stick with Lysander.

Helena, there are other fish in the sea as the old saying goes. There are better people out there than Demetrius. You are doing every thing you can for him, and he doesn't appreciate you at all. hang on a bit longer, and if nothing happens, move on.

Demetrius, Helena is practly throwing her self at out. Learn to appreciate her. She is a really nice person. She is madly in love with you, so if you have to cut this off, let her go down softly.


John M said...

Dear Helena,
You need some help with ur love life. The only way you are going to get the man you want, Demetrius, who loves Hermia, you going to have to play games. You are already in a good position with Helnia not loving Demetrius back. You should show Demetrius alot of attention and some how give Hermia a bad reparation. Then when he see's he’s not going to ever have Hermias love. This should open the door for you. He will think he has you until you stop talking to him. Then he should come chasseing you. You are going to have to do this secretly and it might take some time, but its almost garneted to work. If this doesnt work, then you will have to show Demetrius he is just as good as Helnia, if not, better. You can show him this by impressing him anyway possable.

Matt T. said...

Midsummer Post # 3 March 30

Dear, Demetrius
My advice to you is that you with the women that really and truly loves you. Yes, I am saying that you should start being with Helena. This woman is really interested in you and I think that you should follow up on that. In another sense causing a lot of drama and argument between Lysander and Hermia wouldn’t be too good either. As you know Lysander and Hermia are deeply in love with each other. It’s going to take a lot more than words from Hermia’s father to break them apart. Hermia and Lysander seem to be very good for each other, despite the family feuds, and I think that you should be with the woman that loves you the most.
-Matt T.

bekah said...

Dear Helena,
Give up! Demetrius is an idiot if he doesn't love you. His obsession with Hermia is a waste of time, but he has failed to realize that. His deep love for Hermia remains, regardless of the situation at hand; he'll never open his eyes to the truth. Demetrius will die still obsessed with Hermia, and when that day comes, he's gonna die a l o n e with his strangely obsessed self. So, as your friend, I'm going to be completely honest with you by telling you that it's definately time to move on. There are better guys out there than Demetrius. You can't change him, but you can change yourself. So move on, you can find someone better.

Brianna said...

Dear Helena,
You realy need to find another man. Someone who loves you, someone that you dont need to follow around all the time. Demetrious is not someone who cares about you at all. He only cares about Hermia, but clearly hermia does not care about him, she only care about lysander. So Lysander and hermia will eventually go off and get married and then you will be left alone. So i suggest that you move on and either tell Demetrious that he is missing out or just find another mand better then Demetrious. You are just as pretty as hermia so go out and get another man!!! :)

Shane said...

Dear Demetrius,

I honestly think that this problem is bigger then it may seem. You say that you love Hermia but if you actually loved her you’d respect her decision to be with Lysander. You only have her father on your side and as it stands right now she doesn’t care what he has to say, at all. Just make a good choice with this cause you could cause this girl to die. On the other side of things though there’s Helena. She’s pretty cool and I think you like her, considering the fact that you slept with her. She’s just lacking a bit of self confidence but you’re just the right person to give that confidence to her. Just think it over, your better off with Helena anyways.


Eric said...

Dear Helena,

From what i hear your a beautiful girl and are very popular. Love is strong and hard to understand. I know you have strong feelings for Lysander and want to be with him, but you also have to realize that Hermia is also in love with him too. Hermia is your friend and you wouldn't want her to be heartbroken would you? You have to think about their relastionship too and not just yourself. Being a beautiful, nice, and most of all young girl. It should be easy for you to find someone knew. I once too had deep feelings for a peer of oppisite sex and I never thought I could get over her. But I realized I was young and had stunning looks to help me find someone. I also learned that there are many other fish in the sea. I found someone knew and have been with them forever and I am happy the way things turned out. I hope you could get the confidence in yourself and throw that man behind you and let yourself be free. And if you even need someone to keep you warm at night, just post up your adress.... ill be over ;)

Dana said...

Dear Demetrius,
As your friend, it is my duty to give you some advice on your current predicament. Although you seem to be in love with Hermia, you probably shouldn’t try to go after her. It is clear as day that she is in love with Lysander, and nothing you do is going to change her mind. Besides, if you truly love her, you wouldn’t want her to die when she refuses to marry you… I think that you should take around and look at your other options. There is always Helena, and she is just as beautiful and smart and Hermia. And, she has something that Hermia doesn’t. She is in love with you. You could have a great life with Helena, and I’m sure that she would make a great wife. She will be loyal to you, and it seems that she’d do practically anything for you. If you leave Hermia alone, that way everyone could be happy, and everyone would have someone to be with. Hermia and Lysander would be together, and you and Helena would be together. This seems, to me, to be the only solution to you guy’s problem right now. Take my advice and get with Helena.

Anonymous said...

Dear Helena, you need to give up if Demetrious hasn't realized by now that he will never have Hermia's love and that he should jsut settle for you ,hes an idiot.No man is worth all that trouble.You need to put yourself first and move on to another man who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated.You need to find someone who respects you for who you are and anyways you shouldn't have to practically beg Demetrious for his love he should be begging you.Guys are sopposed to chase the girls, if they want you and you act more hard to get its common knowledge they'll chase you down until they have you. Exactly what you're doing right now to Demetrious ,so flip it up girl and do that to a guy.

-Liz P.

matt r. - period 1 said...

Dear Demetrius,
I believe that you should cut your losses while you’re ahead and get back together with Helena. Realistically, do you truly love Hermia, or do you just fantasize about what you and her could be? If you were to reunite with Helena, what’s the worst that could happen? If the relationship between you and Helena does not work out, then you will just be brought back to where you were in the first place – no harm done. Suppose that you and Helena “hit it off” and fall in love again; if this is to be the case, then everyone will be satisfied – Lysander and Hermia will remain together (and alive) and Helena will get to spend the rest of her life with her one, true love. I believe that you should take advantage of what you have and give Helena a chance.

matt r - period #1

Will B. said...

Dear Demetrius,

I feel that you and Hermia together may not be the best idea. Hermia does not fully love you, or at least she does not seem like it. You claim to love her so much, and I dont get why since she doesn't express the same love back. If you two were to be married, give that a few months and both of you may possibly regret it. You guys should maybe just end the relationship but remain as friends, and Demetrius you should try to aim for Helena, because she seems to love you more than who you are with now.

-Will B.

Adam said...

dear helena,
You should give up trying to get demitrius's love right now. He obviously has no interest in you, so might as well not even go through the trouble of trying to get him. Any person who wont love you for who you are, isnt worth loving. You should just forget about him and stop getting stressed out over him. If you stop and think for a little you will realize that he isn't even worthy of being with you and that your a much better person than him.


Anonymous said...

Dear Helena,
I know that you really love Demetrius, but don't you see that he doesn't love you back? This may seem cruel, but you should give up on him and get on with your life. It's easy to tell he's not a good person considering he was with you but now he wants to marry Hermia. He's not loyal at all. I think you just take some time and think, think really hard of what you want, and what is really the best for you. All I can say is I hope you can get over him, and learn to love another.

-Mike Merrill
-Period 6

Anonymous said...

Dear Helena
It Giuseppe your good friend. I hear your still love Lysander, but he dose not love you. I have some advice for you. Lysander is a good guy, but there are so many other people out there. You’re too good for this you should be with someone that wants to be with you. As your friend I don’t want you to be upset over this one person.

giuseppe piriod 4

Anonymous said...

Dear Helena,
Listen you have to stop wasting your time trying to get Demetrius to like you. There are so many better people out there for you. If he hasn’t realized how good you two were together then there’s something wrong. Also you have to stop putting yourself down. You’re just as good as Hermia and if Demetrius doesn’t see that then it’s his lose. Worse comes to worse if you stick in there and Helena chooses to die instead of marry Demetrius then after that you will have no competion.
Your friend,

period 1

ps. Mr.Miller srry this blog is late I didn't know we had it. I just realized we had it today because I came on to do the blog due tomorrow. I don't even remeber any mention of it in class.

George D. said...

Dear Helena,
It is clear that Demetrius has no interest in you and therefore you liking him would be pointless. There will never be a successful relationship between the two of you because he is not interested at all. You mind as well stop while you are ahead and find another man that loves you equally as you love him. Besides, Demetrius is not the sharpest tool in the shed anyways. Good Luck.


Dear Helena,
I am so sorry that the one that you love does not feel the same way towards you. I know it is hard but you just have to move on because chasing someone that does not love you back just makes the situation even worse. I've been down that road and back, it was not worth the pain and suffereing i had felt; i don't want you to feel the same way that i did. I know its hard right now, but things will get better. You will eventually move on and find someone that does love you back.

Tori "flash" said...

Dear Helena,
I am aware that you have been having problems with a boy that you like, and I hope thatI can offer you some advice on what to do. Personally, I think that you are being a little too desperate and need to relax a little bit. Let Demitrius come to you and want you instead of stalking him. If you were to play hard to get, i'm sure that he would be more interested in you if you took my advice. I hope everything goes well in the future.

Anonymous said...

Dear Helena,

It has come to my knowledge that you are becoming very desperate for the love of a boy who does not love you. It's harsh yes, but it is also fact. I think that the best advice would be to just chillax. Be calm and collective about everything and don't take what he says way too seriously. If you do it could put you in a severe state of depression which can lead to destructive decisions on what you do. And honestly, the effort that you are putting into this crush you have for demetrius is nonsense. You know that it's going no where, so why not try someone else? It's not like he's the only boy you're every going to like for the rest of your lifetime. You're just as pretty as Hermia, and you have your whole lifew ahead of you. So try and forget about Demetrius because you need to get over him. Sometimes the right thing and the hard thing are the same thing, yanno? So learn to let go, enjoy life, and stop obsessing so much over something you think you love. You can't truly love something that does not love you back. I hope that everything gets better for you in the end

Period 1