24 May 2007

Final blog checklist

To keep track of where you stand on the assignments for 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, use the following checklist. By Friday, you should have completed:

  • Six blog entries - initial thoughts on the novel, safe blogging, thoughts from your discussion, important ideas from the novel, and two postings of your choice. One option could also be from the one posted below about "How do they not know?"
  • Four comments on classmates' blogs
  • One blog entry that references and links to another classmate's blog. Put in a hyperlink like this. This entry could be one of the postings of your choice from above.
With all blogs, you will be graded on...
  • Originality of ideas based on the novel
  • Development of ideas with support from the novel
  • Focus
  • Grammar/mechnanics

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