06 September 2007

Crafting a Laptop Etiquette Policy

Complete this task after you have posted comments on how we should best use our laptops in this class.

As we finish up our responses to our Getting Started with Laptops topic, I'd like you to next read through your classmates comments. Our goal will be to generate a list of guidelines that will help make our use of laptops a rewarding experience in this class. Please open up a MS Word file and type notes for the following statements below as you read through the comments from your classmates. In additionn to our class, Ms. Baker's English 10 classes have also weighed in on the issue. Read their ideas here.

We will use what you write as part of a class discussion.

From your classmates' ideas, please suggest at least three guidelines that should become part of our Laptop Etiquite Policy in F14.


Dylan said...

I think laptops are a good idea in the classroom. We should try them before we think they are bad. There should be a good list of rules though before we get started. The laptops have to be handled very carefully first of all because they are expensive. They also have to be monitered to make sure students don’t use them for reasons other than school. Also the laptops should not leave the classroom because they are a big responsibility and they can also get stolen. The laptops should be periodicly examined too, to prevent vandalism.

AnneMarie said...

I think that laptops are a good idea to have in class because it gives the students a chance to have more links to find information on a topic. When we use computers we should only use them if books or magazines don’t have the information in them that we are looking for. Another way we should use the laptops is only if the teacher tells us to use them for a class activity. I think that we should be using the laptops for a research paper or project where we could get more depth in the area we are studying. We should also use the laptops in class to learn about a book or a play that we will be reading in the class to get a better understanding of what the author is saying.

When we have the laptops and are responsible for them I think we should have to stay on task at all times and not wonder off. I think that the teacher should be walking around the classroom to make sure that we are not on websites that we shouldn’t be on. Another thing is that we as students should be watching the people that are sitting next to us to make sure they aren’t doing anything wrong. I think that the teacher could let us use the laptops in class for assignments so if we have a question we got ask them then instead of not know what we are doing for that particular assignment.

Mike10 said...

I think that laptops should be used in the class from because. Lap tops can be very helping when it comes to writing and spelling. Most jobs require you to no some thing on computers and using the lap tops can be very handy. Research on different papers is also needed some people don’t have the time to work on computer at home with work, school and personal lives such as sports friends family etc using them at school is more beneficiary. Also if there’s some thing a student doesn’t understand on the computer they can ask the teacher for help while in class.

Anonymous said...

I think that chelsea mad a very good piont in what she said about the laptop policy. This is because I think that even though students may get distracted we should we should not get the laptops taken away from us just for one offense. I think the it is very important to stay on focus,but we should be able to do our own study in our school enviorment before we look at others