02 September 2007

Getting started with classroom laptops

As you may have noticed in the front of our classroom sits a big metal box. Inside are 25 laptops, purchased for use in this classroom. Having such technology at our fingertips provides a wonderful opportunity to utilize the latest technology as we learn 21st Century literacy skills and concepts.

However, it is more than simply putting laptops in a classroom. Some schools across the country who have experimented with laptops have reconsidered their decision. In Liverpool, N.Y., officials have decided to phase out the laptops in their school starting this year. Their decision made the front page of the New York Times in May. It also prompted many people in education to think harder about the best way to use laptops in the classroom. In response to Liverpool's decision, one educator criticized schools for giving up on technology so easily.

I want you to think about the issue and help us craft a set of classroom guidelines for the use of our laptops. Click on the two links from the above paragraph and read the first page of both articles. Then, as a writing assignment, make suggestions about what we can do in F14 to get the best use out of the laptops. How should we use them in class? What should we be using them to learn? What guidelines do we need? What would you suggest the teacher do to make the most out of the laptops?

Post your response in the comment section of the blog. Write your answer in a few paragraphs, using complete sentences and proper grammar. An honors-level answer will properly make reference to one of the articles. Sign your first name (no last names) and class period after your posting.


Morgan said...

We should use the laptops in class to do in class work. We should also use them for research in class. We can use them as research for articles for papers, as a dictionary, or ust as another reference to something. The laptops in my opinion would help this class and make it much more interesting.

Jordan said...

We should use laptops in the clasroom when we have reports, so we can look up information and type the paper. We can also use laptops when we need to look up definitions of words that we don't know in class. They will also be useful in classrooms when we have to take notes because most kids can type faster then they can write.

Lindsay Per. 4, English 10 said...

The way we should use laptops in class should be responsibly. We shouldn't be going online and e-mailing friends or downloading music. We definitely shouldn't be using them to hack into local businesses or share answers to tests like the students from Liverpool High had. If the teachers allow us enough to actually use the laptops and not destroy them, then we should take that responsibility and put them to good use. If us as students don't show that we can use the laptops properly, then our right to use them may be taken away.

We should be using the laptops to look up information we need for classes or write papers. We should not be using them to look at things we shouldn't be and therefore have the computer breakdown because of viruses. The laptops were given to us in schools to be used to get a higher education and make things easier for us. “After seven years, there was literally no evidence it had any impact on student achievement-none,” said Mark Lawson, who is the school board president in Liverpool. Student achievement will happen if we begin to use the laptops properly.

I would suggest that the teacher maybe walk around the room every once in a while throughout class and see if everyone is doing what they're supposed to be. This way, no one would even have time to look up things they weren't supposed to and would be too afraid they would get in trouble anyway. Also, if we have planned out assignments in class on the laptops when we're using them, students will be more likely to want to finish them in class and not have to take them home to finish.

Maria said...

Lap tops can be very useful and helpful to learn if used correctly. In class we should use them in relation to what is being studied. As the first article said, some kids will definitely try to use the laptops in inappropriate ways, but with the appropriate security and supervision they can be useful. Many kids will be more enthused to use lap tops in class. They can definitely be helpful if used correctly.

They should be used during class to research topics being studied in class. They can help to expand our information by using the internet or other sources found on the computer. Also, they will be useful for taking notes or typing in class essays since many students can type much faster and neater then they can write.

Lap tops may seem like a distraction but as the person in the second article said, teachers and staff should keep trying to incorporate them into the schedules. I don’t believe that they should control the classes and be used everyday, but I do believe that they can help both the students and the teachers of the classes.

Kristina said...

Laptops can be very valuable and helpful to learn if we use them the correct way. What we can do in F14 with the use of the laptops is to do most of our writing and reports on them. I think that it will help students focus on what they are writing and then can easily go back and re-read and correct any mistakes or add something to make it better.

In class we could use them only to read an article or use something online and then write about that topic. We should be suing them to learn about how to write better papers by planning it out in our heads and then typing and also to revise our work. The guidelines needed for the uses of laptops in class are that you should only use the Internet when told so and don’t search on e-mail or play games. Using these laptops should be done in a mature manner.

The teacher should demand these rules and maybe supervise a little more when using them. They should review the student’s papers and take a chance to see what laptops could do to a student’s writing ability.

Kristina p.4

jess p. 4 said...

Laptops can come in good use and can be very helpful when using them. Some students might not have access to a computer at home, or might not be able to stay after, so using them in class and help students out. We could use them in class to write essays we need to get done so theres no distractions from home. Also if there's an article you want us to read, instead of having to print papers off and taking them home, you can just have us read it from the computer. People my miss place their work as well. The teachers may check on what people are doing and supervise when we're using the laptops. No one should be in email or playings games, because that could lead to websites we're not supposed to be on.

Colleen Per. 4 said...

I think the laptops will be good to use for writing assignments because we will have to type them up anyway. Also, some people feel that they can write better if they are typing the essay out first rather than writing it by hand. We can also use them to do research in class. The laptops will be a helpful addition to the class because it is hard to get into compter labs to do work, and most of the computers in the labs are vandalized or broken somehow. When we do use them in class, the only rules should be don't go to sites not pertaining to the subject and don't vandalize the computers. I think we should do different projects on different programs while using the laptops.

Anonymous said...

i think that we should be allowed to use laptops in school. When a student uses a laptop they should be monitered while they are using it. Laptops would help with research in school and projects. Some people don't have computers at home so this would help them finish work in class and this way a student wouldnt have to worry about trying to get time to find a computer, and do whatever they have to do.
To make the most out of laptops, teachers should monitor the usage and they should be able to see the screen of the laptops. Some people would need to use a laptop to make things easier for their grades and there assignments in class.
The laptops should be used for the class assignments only. Use of the internet should be allowed for things such as research and websites that the student visits given by the teacher.

Ashley Per.4

Dave Period 4 said...

We should definetely use laptops consistently in English class. Not only does it give us the oppurtunity to learn more about what we are learning, it gives us the chance of learning it quicker and easier. We could post our work on this blog and find out what are assignments are easily at home if we have internet access, which most people do now a days. We could use search engines to find out about a certain book we are reading and we can find opinions about the book from around the world.

Even though it is a good idea to be able to use laptops in class, we need guidelines. First off, we should only be allowed to work on our assignments for the day while we are on the laptops. We shouldn't be able to search for things that have nothing to do with English 10.

In order to make the most out of the laptops, they can be used for writing final drafts for essays so we can make deadlines. We can have some in class work days to catch up with our work, and we can find information on whatever it is we are learning about. all in all, in school laptops will make learning easier and more interesting.

Sean P.4 said...

There are a few bonuses to using lap tops in class. They are very resourceful when attempting to retrieve information for class activities. Despite all of the resentment toward kids abusing the internet privileges, the in class lap top is what we should expect to have in all classes in the near future. The computers are another way to interact with other students via internet and a way to blog about important topics discussed in classes. The internet is something we will see expand more and more s time goes on. It is important for us students to keep up with the quick paced world of technology. The lap tops are a
good way to do so.

Another good use for the lap tops is typing up reports and essays. This is a way for us to do more writing in class while keeping us interested with using the computers. The computers will spell check our writing and help us correct our grammar mistakes. That is something writing on paper can’t do for us.

My guess is that the use of computers and lap tops in schools will continue to grow due to the rapid growth of technology innovations. I think it is important to use them with the everyday tasks assigned to us.

Anonymous said...

There will be many problems and issues with using laptops. Because they are new, the school will take care of them but still people will misuse them and ultimately will destroy them, just like in the computer labs. Those computers were once brand new and now look at them. Many schools have issued them to students and have had to fix countless numbers of them. This is just one problem the school faces.
Laptops now, are powerful and fast. They get the job done with extreme speed and can take a beating with programs put on it. But after awhile, they will get bogged down with useless programs students put on it. The laptops will end up just like any computer you see in the labs; beaten up, defaced, missing or stolen parts, etc. It’s just a fact of life. Some people just don’t care what they’re doing, they just don’t realize, that they’re ruining it for the rest of the students and even teachers as well. This new switch will encounter many problems, but if the Town will give them more money, then they just keep getting new ones. Other than that, getting more and more laptops, will just keep costing more and more, just for upkeep and for servicing when they get broken.

Sean, period 4

Dom said...

I believe that laptops are very useful to teachers to help their students learn but I do agree with the fact that they are a nuisance. As the article first had stated kids are finding ways to bypass the securities systems set up to prevent them from visiting innapropriate sites or downloading music. This is causing a major problem because the kids do not learn anything because they are distracted by all the things laptops can do. Even the data that they had taken from this backs that theory up. But I think there is still hope left.
I do think we deserve a chance to use these for a little while. Basically, why should we miss out on this opportunity to learn via new age technology, we deserve at least a little time on them. I think what we should set up as many securities as possible to prevent students from getting distracted. Also, some of the problem programs such as AIM should not even be on the computer and if they are then they are immediately taken off and the computer taken away. This will bring a problem in knowing what is on the computer and what will the student do so I propose daily system checks at the end of the day and if a student has anything prohibited on their computer they should do the work via pen or pencil in a notebook or on paper until they are given it back. I also believe, that kids should not take them home and leave them at school like we do.
I do believe it is not all the students fault though as well. Teachers really need to know how to help the kids in any circumstance and know what to do in order to fix a problem with either their computer or the students. Also, if the teacher can’t get their computer or anything to work then they will either instruct the student through the exercise or put the computers away and work normally.
Dom, Period 4

Josh p4. said...

In my opinion we should use laptops in class as they are a good source of information. It’s generally easier to find the information you are looing for on the internet than by searching through books in a library. Laptops can also be used for writing papers, taking notes, and editing or revising previous work without having to physically write the same thing with a few minor changes again.

Typing is a useful skill that will also be developed through the use of a computer for writing papers. Typing is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. More businesses require their employees to use a computer to create a presentation or record information on a computer. These skills can’t be learned with a pen and paper.

Anonymous said...

Laptops in the classroom can prove to be a very useful tool for learning and for teaching, if used the right way. It is thought that students would join the teacher in veiwing web pages and students can type their work instead of using the traditional paper and pen. Students can use online blogs and make homework completely on the computer and making paper a thing of the past. Using computers also makes the class more hands-on or less boring. From what I had said, laptops should definitely help the class because they make the class more enjoyable and easier.

The problem with laptops in the classroom is that it gives the students unlimited access to the internet and freedom to explore what ever they please. When the teacher thinks that he student is writing a paper, he/she is actually downloading music, or when the student is suppose to be veiwing a certain webpage, he/she is actually checking their facebook. Also laptops can link everyone in the class together without the teacher knowing. The entire class can be sharing test answers and giving instuctions right in front of the teacher without that teacher even knowing. When the laptops are used in this way they become more of a destraction then a helpful tool.

I think that laptops in the classroom is a great idea that should be utilized. They make learning so much more interesting and easier. If some rules were assigned such as blocking certain websites, or even just having the teacher walk around the class and veiw every students screen every once in a while could make laptops have the potential to become a very common high school classroom tool across the nation.

Chelsea Period 4 said...

Every student will get distracted when given the opportunity. Althouhg laptops have the distraction factor that comes along with them, there are so many other productive things we could be doing in class with them. The article says that kids' grades aren't improving with the laptop use, but that is only a fact from surverys taken at other schools. I think that if we abuse the laptop policy, it should be taken away, but we should all be given a fair chance to use them. I also think that if we are assigned work to keep us busy, and there is a teacher in the classroom, then we won't really have the opportunity to get side-tracked off our work and do other things with the computer.
Technology is a huge part of our world today and I think it is such a good idea and learning experience to be able to use laptops for learning. We will be able to get reliable sources for things duing class, use different programs to help us with our writing, see the work of other students from different classes, and just improve on our english skill as a whole. We would be able to work on our grammer using the internet and all of its programs, and when writing essays on the laptop, spell check will help us not lose points on spelling errors with written work. Not every student is irresponsible, so I don't think it's fair to take laptops away from those who don't deserve it, however I do agree to a certain extent that some schools may really abuse the policy. Being a student myself, I know that the laptops will help my learning experience grow, and be more enjoyable than writing on a piece of paper and not using detail because our "hands got too tired from writing." Our writing skills, as well as many other skills will be sharpened by using the laptops. If we are taught to use them the right way and not be given the chance to abuse the policy, then I think that there can only be positive outlooks.

theresa p4 said...

Labtops can be a useful item if used properly. Kids shouldn’t be abusing the priveledge by playing games, downloading music, or exchanging answers to tests. All students should use them sufficiently to benefit themselves in the long run. I know that there are a few people who don’t have a computer at home and can’t always make it to the library so it’s nice to have the ability to use them in class. It also saves a bunch of time because most kids type faster than they write and we can research relevant topics to whatever we’re learning about whenever we want to. Also, it’s an easy way to take advantage of the Revision Policy, where we can easily go back to revise and edit any mistakes we’ve made throughout any of our english papers.

I also believe that students will achieve higher in academics with the use of labtops. With the improvement in technology now a days everyone gets so much more out of a computer than hand writing any essay. Most jobs require you to have experience with a computer and to be able to type, with the use of labtops we’re able to inquire that all into one and it will help us in the future. I understand that Liverpool has experienced problems with the labtops where kids exchanged answers for tests and posted them online but I believe no student will do that here. However, if a teacher is scared that the chances are always possible then they should monitor what the students are doing, maybe walking around the room, or blocking certain programs on the computer will make it harder to use the labtop as a cheating device. Honestly though, the labtops are a huge improvement in this school. Last year, I went to Morgan High School and we didn’t have the option of using a labtop. It’s nice to be able to type whatever, whenever.

thanh said...

Having a laptop in class is really useful because it helps the students out a lot. Laptops have the abilitiy to search for websites and have different type of programs. If you have to type something up or find an article you can use the laptop to do so.

Some students don't have internet at home so is really helpful if the school provides the laptops. The students can get there work done in faster and easier. Having a laptop is easier because typing is a lot faster than writting on a piece of paper.

If the students want the laptops to be in better use then they should walk around the class to check on everybody to see if they are doing what they are suppose to.

Jostlyn Per 4 said...

The laptops that we have gotten in this class can be a very good this if everyone uses them well. Also if people treat them as if they were their own laptops. As it said in the first article people used the computers in inaproperiate way. But with the security in our school system we will use them corretly.

We should use the laptops in class to read articles then write our opinions. It is much eaiser to type about something that is fresh in your head. Also we should use them to do writing assignments.We could get a jump start on them and send them to work on. We should be using them to learn about how to make progress in our writinng. Also we could compare our writings with others.

The guidelines should be that you shouldn't be on the internet when not told or you shouldn't be on a different stight. Also you shouldn't be playing a game or looking through your e-mail while class is going on. The teacher's should enforce rules and make concequense if the rules are not followed. Also the teacher should rievew our writing to see if it is pogressing.

Colin P. 4 said...

The classroom laptops should be used as often as possible within the bounds of an assignment We should not go out of our way to use them, but only if the opportunity presents itself. If we have an essay due the next day, why not take some time to work on the laptops. Using the laptops can only help us; they give us a better understanding of technology which will be useful in any future career we might pursue. The laptops can be used to learn all different types of things. We might use them to learn how to improve our writing, or how to better structure an essay. The laptops can be used for grammar or vocabulary building programs, or maybe just used to give us better typing skills.
The laptops are not ours; therefore, we need to be extra careful while handling them. Proper precaution should be taken at all times, from taking the laptops out, to using them, to putting them away. While taking them out, both hands should be used to carry the laptop back to your desk. Any obstacles or obstructions in your way should be removed prior to carrying the laptops over. The area where the laptop will be situated should be clean and free from debris; food or uncapped drinks are not allowed. While the students are using the laptop, they should be careful not to knock them over, or handle them too roughly. When putting the laptops back, both hands should be used once again, and they should be plugged in and pushed back so they will not be knocked out.
In my opinion, the problem with students and laptops is that the teachers are not interacting enough with the students. They simply give them the laptops and expect them to work hard and diligently. As the NY Times article mentions, some students will roam the internet and attempt to bypass firewalls. This does not mean that the students should not be allowed to use laptops, they should be taught how to better use them, and have teachers present or talking while using them. Teachers should be trained on how to use the laptop so they can help students if problems arise.

Peter, per.4 said...

I think that laptops should be used mainly to help students learn more about what we're studying or when they cannot get the info required from a book or magazine. If people are using the laptops for other purposes, like the students at Liverpool High, then it's obvious that they aren't getting enough work on the laptop to keep them focused. If the use of laptops was more integrated with the lesson plan perhaps this problem would cease.

Teachers across the U.S. are saying they are getting rid of laptops in the classroom because: 1. The cost of repairs are too expensive and 2. Students are able to do things like hack into local businesses instead of work. What I want to know is how good of a condition is the laptop the student is using in? If it's an older laptop then sure it's going to break. But if the school could purchase new laptops for the students instead of students have to lease them, then there would be fewer problems with them.

Secondly, if a 10th grader is able to hack through the security than obviously something must be done. Teachers could perhaps monitor what students are doing and if they are not doing what they're supposed to, then they could shut the laptop down for the day. Then that student couldn't do any more work on it and will have learned his/her lesson.

andrew per.4 said...

I believe that laptops should be used in schools. The reason is that technology is growing everyday and we should learn with the new technology because business are using the newest technology that they can get so to be prepared for the working world we should be using the same technology so that we aren't behind at a job.
Teachers should only allow students to use comparators in class instead of all around the school like they did at Liverpool high. The reason would be that the teachers can be more aware of what their students are doing while in the classroom then if they are in the cafeteria or in the hallway unsupervised were they can cause trouble.

pat p.6 said...

It's obvious how the Liverpool high school laptops were abused. The school gave them laptops to use and they abused those privileges. I don’t blame the school for taking away the laptops. For our class I think the basic rule of thumb we should have is to only use the laptops for school related work. Also every student should get one chance, when you screw up your done with using the laptops.
To get the best use out of the laptops we should just use the laptops for school related work. We should be using them to download things, listen to music, or go into myspace, etc. In class we should use them the laptops to look up articles or videos and react to them using the laptops so we can come back to our work anytime. There are many things that we can learn when using the laptops. One thing that we can learn about on the laptop is current events, also we can react to them using programs like Microsoft word. I would suggest the teachers to find some interesting lessons on the web using the laptops. Also I think it would be good if the teachers helped us when using the laptops, such as guiding us through the lesson planned.

Pat p.6

Justin said...

I think that we should use the laptops we have in class a lot, because not every class has them so we should take advantage of them. I think that we should use the the laptops for all our writing assignments and for taking notes. I think that students would enjoy the work more if they were doing it on a laptop rather then writing in a notebook. We can esaily get to our work and we would much rather use laptops.

I think that the computers should only be used for school work. Students should not use the computers to go on any non school related websites. The kids at Liverpool High School probaly didn’t have as good of a firewall as we do because it is almost immpossible to get on any bad sites, we cant even go on google images. I also think that we should be smart and not try and hack into the grades or any buissnesses like the kids did at liverpool highschool.

Kyle period 6 said...

To make the best use out of our Laptops we should be only using them for school related things and that’s it. We should not be using them to use MySpace or face book because you can do that stuff at home. Plus the websites are blocked so it isn’t that easy to get into MySpace or face book. I think that as long as we don’t mess around with the laptops then we will not have a problem and if we do then we can discuss it and work something out.

Anonymous said...

We should use the lap tops in class for certain assmigments or typing assigments. Also if we have a wrttin essay in class use the lap tops for it instead of renting out a whole compturer lab. We should be using them to resurch papers on the internet and it proving kids from ages 13 to 19 read better when the imformation is vertical then reading it horizationtal. The guidelines should be that there is no going on other web sites while your suppposed to be tying soemthing or doing resurch. But I think you should e able to listin to music. Some suggestings that we can make the most out of the lap tops is to use them everytime we have a paper due, doing resurch, taking a essay test, or when we just have some free time to go on the web.

Kenny W.

Nick per. 6 said...

I think laptops should be used in schools where ever possible. Laptops are easy to use and easy to find information to do projects or assignments with. There’s also a lot more resources for research with a laptop then there is without a laptop. Of course there’s going to be a few people that are going to mess with the laptops but that doesn’t mean that schools shouldn’t use laptops and as long as the laptop stays in class and as long as the teacher is supervising the students and making sure there doing what there supposed to do in class there shouldn’t be any problems.

Anonymous said...

I think that laptops can be a very useful tool in the class room because they give students access to the internet or a word processing program. The laptop can be more a tool for work rather than a learning aid because there is no substitute for a teacher. The teacher should do most of the teaching rather than use the computer to teach, and use the laptops to make the work easier for the students. All of the teachers and staff should monitor the students strictly so the laptops won’t be used inappropriately. There’s always going to be some kids that are going to misuse the laptop and it should be the teacher’s responsibility to make sure the students aren’t. Laptops should be used only in class and should not be loaned out to students because if they need to do computer work they can use the stationary computer labs around the school. Laptops are defiantly a very useful tool in the school but the monitoring of them should be stricter and the students should get less responsibility if they are abusing them, but no school should take the laptops out of their curriculum.

Mike k. period 6

Anonymous said...

To get the best use out of our laptops, I think we should only use them when we need to read an article online or type something in class. I think using laptops in class would be beneficial for students who don’t have access to computers at home because they can work on papers at school. But if we are just writing something that doesn’t require being typed up or if we are reading something from a book, I think it would be better if we didn’t use the laptops because they can be distracting. In both of the articles, it said that students were using the laptops to play videogames or talk to their friends. By using the laptops only when it seems necessary, then hopefully we can eliminate that problem.

In the article, it said that teachers were reconsidering the use of laptops in the classroom because they were too expensive and students were not using them for school related purposes. The reason why laptops were so expensive in other schools is because students were paying to lease out the laptops. By bring the laptops home, students could accidentally break them or cause other problems with them. Since we aren’t allowed to bring them home, it reduces the cost and also eliminates the risk of a laptop breaking. Also, if we only use the laptops in class and if there is enough work given to us to do on them, then it should also eliminate the problem of students using laptops for non-school related activities.

per. 6

Kendall said...

We should use laptops in the class only when we have to type something or read and article that isn't in a magazine or book. If there are books and magazines, there is no need to use laptops to read the same thing. People can be copy and pasting someone elses work and use it for there work. While using laptops in class we should be using them to learn how to make slideshows and how to use other programs for certain projects. We should also be using them to lear different strategies on how to find different websites for our work.

Brian per 6 said...

I think that laptops should not be used in class if students are using the internet. If they’re not using the laptop for the internet, they should be alowed to use them for the microsoft programs and for typing a paper. I also think there should be rules and after the students use them they should be examined for any damage. And if they break any of the rules they are banned from the computer for a period of time.

Matt p-6 said...

To get the best use out of the laptops and lessen the amount of exploring students do, only use laptops when necessary or it's the most efficient way. Laptops make our lives easier, but are not necessary for school. If their uses are being abused even after further warning then they should be disbanded. The laptops should only be used for essays (written assignments) or online research/reading. The teacher should give out warnings at their digression and not permit students who break the rules to use them. The students only hurt themselves; while the class gets to type the kids who broke the rules get to write by hand. They put themselves at a disadvantage. I, however, think that a student (if well behaved) should be able to appeal for their laptop privileges back.

Dylan said...

I think laptops are a good idea in the classroom. We should try them before we think they are bad. There should be a good list of rules though before we get started. The laptops have to be handled very carefully first of all because they are expensive. They also have to be monitered to make sure students don’t use them for reasons other than school. Also the laptops should not leave the classroom because they are a big responsibility and they can also get stolen. The laptops should be periodicly examined too, to prevent vandalism.

Anonymous said...

The laptops that we have to use in our classroom are a privilege and could probably be taken away at any time. Although I think that the laptops do help us, they could be used for things that are non-school related. In the article that we read the students were allowed to bring the laptops anywhere they went so doing things non school related would be easier. I think that the best way to make sure this does not happen is to only let us use the laptops for typing an essay, reading an article on the internet, or other class related activities. The laptops are a useful thing and if handled correctly they could help us get things done.

Anonymous said...

After reading this article, it is clear that students are not intending to use their laptops as just advanced learning sources. Most kids at Liverpool High were using them for destructive purposes. Teachers who are using laptops seem to be aggravated that they are a) having trouble incorporate them into the lesson plans and b) not helping with academic growth. According to the New York Times, The US Department of Education said lap tops have not raised academic success when compared to students without them [laptops]. So the question is, do we really need laptops?
If students are going to be given the privilege to use laptops, certain guidelines and cybersitters need to be in place. By having a cybersitter, it prevents students from accessing websites like facebook, myspace, and other inappropriate. Also, it is harder to hack into because it’s a password only one person needs to know. (So kids like the 10th grader at Liverpool can’t hack into and post the instructions online.) Also, teachers should walk around the classroom during the class time to make sure kids aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t. If anyone looks suspicious, the teacher should check his or her laptop out. Anyone caught going to unsuitable website should have his or her laptop taken away and not given back until a reasonable punishment is issued. (Such as no laptop privileges until x amount of time.)
To use laptops in the classroom would be easier for teachers in a few ways. If a teacher planned on doing a writing assignment, teachers try to book a computer lab, rush the students into finishing and get out of the lab before the next teacher uses it. But with laptops, the teacher can teach from the classroom. Also, if doing a project that needs various references, along with books and newspapers, laptops can be used. We should be using them to learn new computer programs that will be beneficial to our future. For example, power point, word, etc. Laptops can really be helpful when learning

Jenna G, Period 6

Aaron Period 6 said...

Laptops will help the U.S school education but with little restriction to kid’s taking them out of a class and do anything they want will cause problems like in Liverpool. We need to keep them in class under teacher’s supervision. If this is done it will help out the teachers and kids not only in school but in life too.

Charlotte P4 said...

Laptops in school is a good idea as long as we are responible. Students should be able to use them for writing assignments, reading articles, etc. There are many positieves in using laptops during class.the first reason is we saving paper. Think of all the paper we waste with handouts and articles that we only read once and through away. By using laptops we are saving paper and trees. Second, students are improving on their typing skills. In the future and already, computers are becoming a huge necesity. Most jobs require computer skills.

We can use the laptop to read online articles, communicate easlily with you, typing and writeing assigniments. Microspoft also does the pro-reading for us.
Over all i support Lap tops being used in school.

Sujata, 4 said...

The incident on the Liverpool High was not good. The laptops provided to students for school work were being abused. The students used them for other purposes. “In a 10th grade English class the other day, every student except one was tapping away on a laptop to look up facts.” That’s a shame! The students should not be wasting their school time like that. They should realize that those laptops were given to them for work. They were being trusted by the teachers to use laptops in class. But it states clearly that the laptops made no significant progress on the academic achievement between students who used educational software programs for math and reading and those who did not. The laptops did not good to students. The teachers also did not like the idea since it was not helping the curriculum. It was more of a barrier in the relationship between teachers and students.
On the second article, the guy has a certain point on his side. “It may be a good idea to give up on laptops. It is not, however, a good idea to give up on teaching and learning in the context of mobile media networks” I agree with him that it is not a good idea to give up on students because the laptops didn’t seem to work out, but just because it happened in Liverpool High, doesn’t mean it will occur in our school as well.
It’s a good idea to have laptop in the classroom for educational purposes. It would take students less time to find information on laptops. We should use them only if the assignment fits in our lesson plans. The teachers should be more careful even though they cannot watch what the whole class is doing. It would be better if they assigned some task to finish by the end of class and do it for homework if they do not finish. This would compel students to complete the task during class instead of taking it home. Monitoring devices could be used to keep track of what websites the students are visiting in class. We should block the websites that students are not supposed to visit during class. For our class though, I don’t think this would be a huge problem. I have seen some students go through their emails but I don’t think anyone would try to abuse them. In the end, if the laptop doesn’t work well, then we can still learn through other sources. Besides, most of the students have computers on home to work with. If not, there are public libraries. Our school has many computer labs as well. So, no one will be left behind if laptop is not a good idea for us.

Kevin p.6 said...

Obviously, the laptops should only be used appropriately. This implies that us students shouldn't
be playing any games, visiting different sites, and overall, using the laptops in any way irrelevant to the orders of the teacher. Notabley, I say "should". Not everyone will listen due to their temptations derived from the awe-inspiring new pieces of technology, and their disobedience. Therefore, I propose we impliment high survailence in order to preserve not only the quality of the laptops, but also the quality of learning for each student of the class, if the budget allows. When I say "high survailance", I insinuate the use of cameras and what not. This may sound a little eccentric, however the thought may be appreciated in the later on when the school realizes that it's not spending loads of additional money for reparations like the school system of Broward County, Fla, mentioned in the first article.

There were numerous examples in the second article that stated that the laptops never genuinely
increased academic achievement. However, there we other examples in the first that stated that the
laptops really goaded the students to learn and to stay out of trouble. Consequently, the pupils will better their grades, which will better the reputation of the school, and soon, the town. These laptops may make those aspirations come to life. We could utilize them for various writing assignments, internet research, and beneficial programs that some students don't have access to at home. With this being said, investing money in the laptops wasn't such a bad idea; seemingly, they can only make us improve, with of course, thorough watch of whether they're being used as intended. We're the future of this country. Presenting us with the best education possible must irrefutably be the number one priority.

Pat eng. 10 per 4 said...

I think it’s obvious that if we have the laptops then we should use them to their full potential. Research, essays, definitions, and everything of that nature could benefit from the use of these laptops. There needs to be some rules made as to how they should be properly used though.

There is always the possibility of a student misusing the computers. If a student is given time to work on an assignment, it should be taken advantage of but that is not always the case. To fix that, there should be rule stating that if a student is found misusing a computer then their privileges are revoked for that day. I think that would be punishment enough for just straying off task.

Many schools mentioned in the NY Times article had a problem with broken computers. Accidents happen and technology breaks down from time to time, its no ones fault, it just happens. If a computer is broken on purpose or breaks as a cause of carelessness or neglect though, I think the student in charge of it should be held responsible.

The person who wrote the second article made a valid point. When the laptops aren’t involved in the lesson plan then they will undoubtedly be a distraction to the students. I'm not saying they should be made to fit with what is being taught daily. What will prevent the distraction though is if the students are not allowed to have them at their desks until they are ready to be used.

Anonymous said...

I think that laptops in schools are a good idea, to a certain extent. As with any new way of teaching, there are certain problems with this idea. However, it is still important to make the most of our modern day technology. I think that the laptops should be used as a classroom resource without completely replacing other things like textbooks and group discussions. Using a collection of all different resources within the school will be the most beneficial.
I know that using the laptops to look at pornography and to use the instant message program is completely inappropriate. But I see people being irresponsible with technology all of the time. Regardless of whether or not those people have a laptop, they can still misbehave in the classroom. If students choose to abuse their laptop privileges, there should be a penalty. Maybe the students that behave with their laptops could be allowed to bring them home after school. This might give everyone an incentive to use their laptops properly.
Another main problem that I see with using laptops is that it is extremely expensive. As said in the New York Times article, “the programs are still new, and most schools have lacked the money and resources to evaluate them rigorously”.
Emily, Period 6

Macy per 4 said...

Laptops and computers in general are an extremely useful tool in learning. It makes everything easier, writing essays, note-taking, etc…The issue is that people goof around instead of doing their work, they listen to music and surf the web instead of using the opportunity to get their work done. Getting side tracked is a very easy thing to do.

Learning about computers is a really important thing to do, especially since we are entering an era that computers are probably going to be a very important part of.
Some people in the article state that laptops are just a “quick fix” for students and a waste of money. But if it verses using them the right way or going to the library and going through many books to get all the info you could have gotten on one web page…I think its worth trying to keep them in good condition.

If we misuse the laptops by breaking the keyboard and leaving them out on the tables so they get stolen, we just lost our tools that could have saved time and made things a bit more interesting. I believe our class should have a set of rules that we should stick to about leaving them out and being responsible for staying on track. Teachers and students should work together to make sure we have these tools in the future.
Just think it’s easier than writing everything on paper!

Kirstel said...

I think having laptop in class would be really great for the students, it can help them in there school papers, research and learn to utilize the latest technology but they should be responsible and know there limitations, they should not abuse there internet privileges and teachers should set classroom guidelines..http://degreework.net