15 December 2008

Gamma Rays response #3 - Dreams and the Hunsdofers

This is the third homework blog posting... Did you already complete the post on Marigolds? Have you added to the Google document to gather quotes for each character?

It is due before class starts on Wednesday, Dec. 17

So far in The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds we’ve been introduced to the Hunsdorfer family – Beatrice, Ruth, and Tillie.

The Poet Langston Hughes wrote two poems about dreams which may relate to what we’re reading. Read both of the following poems – "Dreams" and "A Dream Deferred." Select the poem you think most speaks to the situation in the play. What is Hughes saying about dreams that can be applied to the larger ideas in The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds? Explain your connections with direct references from the play. Remember, to earn full credit, each post must be between 150-200 words, written in standard conventional English, and satisfy the requirements of each prompt.

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

- by Langston Hughes

A Dream Deferred*
What happens to a dream deferred*?
Does it dry up
like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore--
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over--
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.

Or does it explode?

- by Langston Hughes

*to put off action, delay


Anonymous said...

Mr. Hughes poem "A Dream Deferred" is kind of like a comedic way to tell a sad story. That poem makes me think of Beatrice because she left all of her dreams to linger, never fulfilling anything she ever desired to do, and now they burden her forever with the "what-ifs" in life and jealousy towards the people she should love the most; which can also be described by Mr. Hughes' poem "Dreams". Both poems display a theme of dreams being left behind and what happens when they are. These poems could also foreshadow what may happen to Tillie if she allows her mother to corrupt her goals and dreams.

Margaret P.5

Anonymous said...

Hughes says that dreams can be broken if they are not held close to a person. He also states that no one should tell you won’t make it because if you listen then you will lose your dream. This has to do with the book because the girl Tillie has a dream. She is very gifted at science and loves to do it all the time. She seems to also really want to win the prize at the Science Fair. The marigolds also represent the light in her life that she has, and the radiation is the dysfunctional family killing her light or dream. Hughes also says that you should never defer your dream because that could make it less likely to happen. Tillie went straight for her dream even though being held back by her mom for so long. Her dream is starting to come true and even her mom seems to be happy and proud for Tillie.
-Dan P5

Anonymous said...

I think that the 1st poem goes much better with this play than the 2nd poem. It is similar to Tillie's life because she has a dream, it may be for the science fair, but it may also be for her mother to appreciate her more. The poem says that you have to hold onto your dreams or else you will loose them forever. Tillie cant let her mother crush her dreams and she has to keep pushing forward until she wins the science fair, and she cant let her mother interfear with that. And hopefully Beatrice will appreciate Tillie more after she wins the science fair.

Randy p2

Anonymous said...

I think the first one talk more about this play then the second one. This is showing us go after what you want even if someone tells you not to. In the long run if you don't listen to yourself you well be ubset at yourself. This one goes along with the story because tillie is trying to to go after her dresam but her mother keeps geting in her way. Finally she ends up doing what she wants and not what her mom's wants. As you can see she step up.She knew she would have no life if she doesn't follow science. She wanted to have a life and be happy, unlike her mother. Her mom likes to complain alot and lives in a store. Tillie wants to do something wiht her life. That's why I think the first one goes along with the stiry more. GO AFTER WHAT YOU WANT!

jovanny p.5

Anonymous said...

the first poem is like the story. It is sad and so is the second one. Beatrice is more like the first poem she let her dreams die and now she is angry at the world. Tillie is more like the second poem in that her dreams are like a sweet syrup and are good dreams like how she likes science. run is a mixture of the two she lets some dreams die but not others like wanting Tillie to win the science fair

Andrew per5

Anonymous said...

The first poem "Dreams" By Langston Hughes, is showing the importance of having goals in life and the determination to not only find them but reach them too. And this could apply to each of the characters Ruth, Tillie and Beatrice because for the to girls growing up goals are a very important part of life, and for the mother it is never to late to start helping your self / drive your self further in life. Also this poem is showing that people need to have the strength to be able to support their dreams and not let them die, because if the dreams of a person dies then they too, in a way will die along with their dreams. And with that part it would mainly connect to Tillie because at this point in the story she is just about the only one of the three that has shown any prominent goals, and that she is actually trying to fulfill them and not just dream about them as her mother Beatrice is which she sits at home doing nothing to change her life.

Michelle Elizabeth
Period 6 :)

Anonymous said...

I think that the first poem goes along with the story better. I think that becuase it's pretty much saying go after your dreams until its too late to do what you want. Tillie is trying her hardest to go after her dreams. Her mother keeps getting in her way becuase she doesnt want her to do it. Maybe that is because she didnt fofill her dreams when she was younger. But Tillie finally does stop listening to what her mother says and does what she wants.

Period 5

Anonymous said...

Hughes is talking about losing dreams in the poem "Dreams" which I think relates most to the play. I think what Hughes said in the poem can refer to Beatrice in the sense that she claims that she once was something and is now nothing. However the poem also relates to Tilly beacause it could be like encouranging her to keep doing what shes doing, and to not care that people make fun of her like they did on stage. In a way I am starting to think that Beatrice sees alot of herself in Tillie and that is partially why she is so cruel to her. This also shows that the poem relates to both of them.

Jess B.
period 5

Anonymous said...

A "Dream Deferred" seems to connect to Beatrice. Its like how she keeps talking about what she could have been and seems to be mean about it. Its like she had a dream and the dream was knocked off by some event and now she wallows. Shes shrivled up and fester like the poet said and wants those around her to feel for her and make it their faults. In the end its her fault she had a chance and blew it and no is nothing. The fact that she knows this is the worst part.

Brian p.5

Anonymous said...

Langston Hughes's poem seems to relate more to the book. It mostly relates to Tillie because it is about working hard to achieve what you want to be and not giving up so that your dream doesn't fade away. It is also a good way of showing how Tillie's life is because even though her mom is always abusing her and trying to take away any good opportunities, she doesn't let that discourage her science projects. Tillie loves science and worked hard to get in the science fair and won't let this opportunity go. This poem interprets life as a barren field because the world wouldn't progress much if people didn't follow their dreams and work at what they are capable of being.

Period 6

Anonymous said...

I think the first poem relates to the play The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds because both the poem and play are a little sad. The first poem has a deep "down" view of life like the story. An example of how sad the story is is when the mother wants to kill Tillie's rabbit by threatening to kill it. The mother, Beatrice, is nasty because she wanted to be a star/dancer but didn't fulfill her dreams.

Ian F.

Anonymous said...

I think the first poem relates to The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds because it reminds me of Beatrice. She let things get in the way of her dreams and never fulfilled them. So she feels the need to take it out on her children. The second poem reminds me of the play also because it seems like a said poem. This play is kind of sad.

michaelaaa :]
p. 6

& sorry i can't really think....

Anonymous said...

i think the poem Dreams, speaks most to the situation in the play because Hughes is saying basically never to let your dreams go. And Tillie's dream is to win the prize at the science fair, she is very gifted to have the ability to be so good at science and her mother is always trying to get her to stop liking it but she cant because she loves it. so he's saying if you hold on to your dreams then they can come true and that's exactly what Tillie is doing, she isnt giving up on science no matter what people say.
-tessaaaaaa :)

Anonymous said...

I think that the first poem “Dreams” by Langston Hughes applies more closely and completely to the play than “Dreams Deferred” by Langston Hughes. The premise of this poem is to hold on to your dreams and always strive for them. The poem advises the reader to keep working on their dreams and never give up. It emphasis the importance of having these goals and sticking to them by using analogies for what life becomes after dreams are relinquished. This poem closely applies to Tillie in the story. Tillie had a dream or a passion for science. It is the one thing that she enjoys and seems to have fun doing. We know this because in the very beginning when Tillie gave a speech to the readers. She stated that she fell in love with atom. She spent all that time and effort growing the marigolds for her experiment. Tillie even went back to school and class after everyone laughed at her for cranking the atom at an assembly because she was dressed a little strange; all for what? She did all this for her love of science. Tillie asks to go to school just for her science class. She doesn’t give up on her dream. She worked extremely hard on her project and (so far) is a finalist in the science fair. In front of her is a perfect example of dream relinquished. Tillie’s mother Beatrice obviously is not where she wanted to be in life. She had a dream that we know of, finishing beauty school. She gave up on her dream. Beatrice states that she has totaled everything she has done in her life and has come up with a whopping total of zero. She isn’t happy where she is and I believe she takes it out on her daughter. She doesn’t give Tillie the support she deserves, and quite frankly, is mean in my opinion. This “barren field frozen with snow” and “broken winged bird that can’t fly” symbolizes her unhappiness and the way she can’t seem to be happy. We don’t know what Beatrice’s childhood dream was but we do know that she was laughed at just as Tillie was. The difference is that Tillie didn’t allow it to stop her from achieving her goal of becoming a finalist in the science fair. Beatrice obviously allowed it to crush her and she would have been in a different place if she had not allowed others to squish her dreams. This poem is perfect for the story because it shows what following your dreams can accomplish through Tillie, and what giving them up can do to a person through Beatrice.

Ella Period 6

Anonymous said...

I feel that the first poem is much better because it relates to the play being sad. I feel that Tilles family is sad so I think the two are related.

Ian p-2

Anonymous said...

In my opion i feel that "Dreams" is more related to the book. The poem talks about holding on to your dreams and to never let them go; This is what Tillie is doing she is still being who she wants to be even though the whole school laughs at her and jokes about her experiments. Then in the poem it talks about if your dreams die and your dont follow your heart you life will become dull and sad. This reminds me of Beatrice, i feel she used to espiar to be something great but somewhere along the way she lost what she was looking for and became what she is today, a unhappy,depressed woman. Beatrice puts Tillie down to make her self feel inferer and doesnt want Tillie to acheive what she couldnt.I really like this poem and in many ways it does relate back to the book.


Anonymous said...

I think that dreams is related to the book and if you let your dreams die you are dead inside it's like theres no point of trying anymore because dreams are what make me get through the day if i gave them up I dont think I could lead the life I do everday

Dallas P6

Anonymous said...

In the poem "Dreams" it says that they can die. When I read that part I think of Beatrice instantly because she lies to her daughters telling them that she was this great person in high school. In reality she was as called in high school Betty-the-loon. It's not as if she didn't have any dreams or anything maybe she figured it was useless and gave up. Another possibility could have been that she never had dreams but soon realized they were impossible basically giving up after she had children. So now she is as the poem says "Frozen with snow" and is cold to her children and blames them for a lot.

Raquel period. 5

Anonymous said...

I think "Dreams" best fits the situation in the play. It talks about never letting go of your dreams attaining to Tillie because she is not giving up on science even though her mom doesnt want her to go to school and do the science project that she wants to do. Even though the mom is making her stay home and work on the things that she should be doing, Tillie should never give up on what she loves. The line "Hold fast to dreams" is a good line fore Tillie to go by because she is having a rough life because of her mother but she is tryin to see past her and pursue what she truly loves and thats not doing house work for her mother. Also I think Beatrice wanted to pursue something and probably got lost on the way to her "journey". She is probably mad or upset she didnt go far with it and takes her anger out on Tillie. I like this play a lot and it relates to the play a lot especially relates to Tillie and Beatrice.

brianaaaa (:
period 2

Anonymous said...

I think that the poem "Dreams" relates more to what is happening in the play. The poem relates more to the play because I think that this relates to the mom because I think that she had some dreams like becoming a good person in life. But instead she just gave up her dream and now she is living a life that she doesn't even like such as taking care of a old lady. And I think that Tillie sees this and I think that she doesn't want to end up like her mom. That is why Tillie should follow her dream with is science because she is very smart and being smart she can be somebody unlike her mom as a nobody. That is why Tillie should make her dream come true and not let nobody bring her down such as her mom Beatrice, Ruth, and kids from school. Because with her smarts she can go very far in life and not end up like her mom even though her older sister Ruth is already like her mom. Tillie has the chance to follow her dream which is science. That is how the poem "Dreams" relate to The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-on-the-Moon Marigolds.

Anonymous said...

Although both poems are beautiful, the second, "A Dream Deferred" rings more true to the story in "Gamma Rays" Mr. Hughes asks us the fundamental question, What happens when our dreams are delayed and our hopes dashed?

What happens is whatever we choose. Our dreams may very well wither and die if we let them. That’s why their so meaningful when we achieve them. Dreams would mean nothing if we never had a chance of failure. When we achieve our dreams, it means we have overcome and succeeded. Yet dreams are so amazingly important, what happens when we never achieve them? Like in the case of Beatrice. Her dream "Sags like a heavy load" Her own dissatisfaction manifests itself in the form of her severe depression. She cannot take all the anger and frustration she feels, so she lashes out at Ruth and Tille, not caring for their feelings, but using them as something to target her own violent feelings at. Her own jealously of her daughter leads her to abuse her endlessly.

That is one the results of lost dreams. Yet, Tillers dream isn't lost, its only "deferred" only delayed, like the marigolds she keeps, she may still bloom into her own mind and beauty in spite of the terrible conditions. Through all her strife, her dreams will keep her from becoming her mother. They will keep her withering and dying, like an irradiated marigold.

and indeed, as the old Chinese proverb states "The flower that blooms in adversity is the most beautiful of them all" is very much a truth in Tillies story.

Though she may be faced with an abusive home, a cold, uncaring family, she will still bloom, she will still become the success shes always dreamed of becoming.

Jake.C 6th period

Anonymous said...

I think that the poem A Dream Deferred realates to the play better than the first, Dreams, becuase it talks about dreams and what would happen if they dry up. Then I think about Tillie and her science project and how it is pretty much her dream to win. So i think the answer to this poem is not. A dream deferred will not dry up. Tillie fufilled her dream and didn't just let it dry up and die. The first poem Dreams doesn't relate more because it's talking about losing dreams and I dont think that anyone is losing a dream.

Jill per 6

Anonymous said...

I think the first poem is better for relating to the play. It's talking about holding onto your dreams. I think this poem relates good to Tillie. She had her own dreams and interests in science and she didn't let them interfere with her home life. She still kept her love for science and I think that helped her get through things at home better. This poem is basically saying that you have to hold on to what you love the most, and don't let anything else get in your way. The second poem relates to the play too, by talking about what can happen if your dreams are put aside. I just think that the first poem is better worded and gives me a better understanding of the play.Also, she didn't put aside her dreams. She still kept them.

Kristy Period 6 (:

Anonymous said...

In my opinion I think that both poems releate to the story "Gamma Rays...", but the second poem shows more then just keeping a dream but what coulf happen to it if you don't fight for them. And it releates to the story because if Tillie doesn't fallow her dreams and lets her mother make her decisions she will never be able to fufill them and at last they will die and be lost. And that is what this poem is about and a great example to show why we shouldn't let our dreams down is Tillies mom, who didn't fallow her dreams and now regrets not having fallow them. In conclusion she is now miserable and not happy with anything or anybody. So Tillie has to fallow her dreams she is very smart and hopefully her mother learns from her mistakes and helps her doughter acheive her dreams which she wasn't able to do.

Carla P6

Anonymous said...

Dreams fit better in the story. It says to hold on to your dreams, if not then your most likely not going anywhere. You have to have a dream in life no matter what it is. Without a dream, there wont be a fucture.


Anonymous said...

Hughes is saying that dreams are hard to pursue so you should hold onto them and keep trying to make them come true otherwise it might eat away at you and you may end up taking it out on others and resenting them the way Beatrice does to her children. She calls Tillie ugly not really because she thinks her child is ugly but because she's jealous of everything Tillie has. She's smart, and has people like Mr. Goodman who are willing to help her pursue her dreams in science.

period 2

Anonymous said...

In my own opintion, I think that the first poem goes along with the story better. The reason why i think that the first poem goes along with the story better is becuase it is pointing out how you should follow after your dreams until its too late to do what you want. For an example, Tillie is trying her hardest to go after her dreams. But, her only problem is that her mother keeps getting in her way of following them. Tillies mother doesn't help her daughter at all. The good outcome of all of this is that Tillie finally does stop listening to what her mother says and does what she wants.

Taylor Period 2

Anonymous said...

The poem "A Dream Deferred" relates to the play more than "Dreams". Hughes is saying to hold on to your dreams and not forget them. Tille shouldn't forget about her dreams about atoms. Beatrice discurages tillie from excelling academically by keeping her from going to school and telling her that she isn't smart.

Kevin S. P.6

Anonymous said...

The poem "dreams" by Langston Hughes i thought was easily comparable to the play The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds. It was easily comparable because in the poem it says one that gives up on its dreams is like a bird with an injured wing. I took that and compared it to Beatrice because she to had give up on many dreams and the way her character acts and talks resembles a hurt person. She had given up many times like the time she did dance she could have big she said but she didn't. The poem also says that once you give up on your dreams you life becomes a cold bare wasteland. Beatrice's life had many problems and seemed to be growing dim and cold with the reality that she is doing nothing with her life. She begins to realize that her life really didn't amount to anything in this world she never did anythign right like raising fully functional kids. The only one of her kids that would probably tribute to sociaty is Tillie because of her love for the study of atoms and science.
Josh Per.5

Anonymous said...

The poem "Dreams" I think can best relate to this play because for one i can understand it and another is that I could almost see the characters from in the play in their. As for example the part of the poem when it says "Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly." This reminds me of the mother Beatrice. Which the play says that her dreams were long gone so now she lives in a life she wish she would be in.

Nick L

Anonymous said...

I think that "A Dream Deferred" mostly speaks to the situation in the play. Hughes trying to say that when a dream is put on hold, and things get in the way, it is harder to go on with that same dream and you're stuck wondering why or what would have happened. This poem goes with the play because Beatrice's father owned the vegetable store that is now where Tillie and her family live, and Beatrice wanted to keep it running and do something with the place but never got around to it. She seemed to always think about it and had a bunch of what ifs and I wishes. Finally at the end of the play she begins to do something with the place to maybe start the dream she always wanted.

Period 6

Anonymous said...

I think that Langston Hughes's Poem Dream realates to Beatrice in them play. The poem tells a story of how dreams come and eventually die. I think that it realates to beatrice in so many ways becuase, in the play, beatrice came across as a stubborn and a mean mother of two daughters. But if you took the time to accually get into the mind of the character, you would come to realize that beatrice ounce had many dreams and as the years went by, they soon faded and died, which is basicaly what Langston Hughes's poem is trying to get across to the audiance.

Period 2

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