20 December 2008

Gamma Rays Response #5 - What's going to happen to this family?

This is the 5th - and final - homework blog response for the Gamma Rays unit... Have you completed them all to earn full credit? The calendar says Monday, but it is due before the end of the school day on Tuesday, Dec. 23.

Now that we've gotten to see the Hunsdorfer family in action, it's time to look back and analyze their behavior as a dysfunctional family.

You have an option of which of the following to which to respond:

Option A

Based on the family upbringing, what do you think will be the effect one Tillie or Ruth. Look at this article about the effect of maltreating families on children. Using information from the article, predict how you think Tillie or Ruth will turn out. What challenges or issues might they face in the future? Explain your reasoning by pointing to specific examples from the play.

Option B
How would you categorize Mrs. Beatrice Hunsdorfer as a mother? Go back and re-read the article on dysfunctional families that we studied in an earlier post. Using information from the article, decide what type of parent category Beatrice fits into. In what way will her parenting style affect her children, either now or in the future? Explain your reasoning by pointing to specific examples from the play.


Anonymous said...

I would categorize Mrs. Beatrice Hunsdorfer as a mentally and verbally abusive mother. She always is yelling at them and taking all her anger out on her children. When she was younger alot of kids she went to school with use to make fun of her and call her names, so she probably suffers from some sort of mental illness from growing up like this. Because of the way she was treated, it makes her treat her kids just the same.Some of the ways that her children will be affected in the future is that they should share their feelings with others instead of keeping them inside and get help if needed.
This is something that the children lacked, because they never went to anyone for help and didn't ever want to talk about what bothered them.

Taylor Period 2

Anonymous said...

Option B

I would categorize Beatrice as an abusive parent. Not phsyically, but verbally. When her children grow up I don't think they will do the same as their mother did but they will learn from it. Beatrice treated her kids as if they were nothing. She didn't even want Tillie to go to school. She doesn't care for her kids. And I think that affects them in their lives now because they feel unloved and they feel like they are nothing to anyone. But I really don't think it would affect their future life, only mentally. They would probably treat their kids a lot better than their mother treated them because they don't want to be bad mothers.

michaelaaa :]
p 6

Anonymous said...

I would categorize the mother as an abusive parent. SHe is always taking her anger out on the kids by yelling that them. She doesn't show any sympathy for them when something good happens to them. Like when tillie won the science project and her mom thought that the whole science idea was a waste of time. She thinks that all the kids learn about in school is science whens he doesn't what they learn because she doesn't care what is going on in her kids lives. That affects the kids because it seems to them that she doesn't love them like a mother should love their kids and care about their kids.

Anonymous said...

Tillie and Ruth could be socially isolated and have little emotional and financial support. They could become depressed and possibly neglect their children. The parents act the same way their mothers do by lack of understanding of motherhood. I believe though, that Tillie will be a successful mother when she gets older as where Ruth will be like Beatrice. It seems like this because Ruth followed whatever her mom did and was crazy just like her.
-Dan P5

Anonymous said...

Tillie and Ruth could become socially isolated and have little emotional and financial support. they might become depressed because of Beatrice's neglect. Tillie and Ruth might become abusive because of how Beatrice is to them.they wont be able to have a good parent-child relationship this how Tillie and Ruth will end up as adults.

-Andrew p5

Anonymous said...

Option B
I would characterize Beatrice as a horrible parent. She doesn't care whether her children go to school and makes Tillie stay home and help her. I think Beatrice is a verbally abusive parent type. She puts them down and doesn't value them. I think Tillie will lead a better life in the future but she may always be affected or sad because of her mother. She reminds me of the kid in the article who said "Now, I work hard to get As, take on lots of responsibility, put on this competent front. Inside I still feel really empty." I think Ruth may end up like her mom and not be a good mother. Ruth and her mom are alike because they both care about being pretty and don't care about studying. Tillie and Ruth in the future may both have low self-esteem Tillie may learn how to be a better mother through education.

Ian F. p 5

Anonymous said...

Option B-

I think that Beatrice is a verbal abusive parent. That is because she calls Ruth ugly. Also she doesn’t really believe in her children. Instead of looking out for her daughters best interest, Beatrice looks out more for the best way they can do things that benefit her. When Tillie tells her what she wants to do with science, Beatrice puts her down and tells her she can be doing other things, such as stuff around the house. Beatrice thinks that Tillie gets picked on in school, so instead of making her feel better, Beatrice makes fun of her for it as well. She isn't a very comforting mother and she tells Tillie that she doesn't really care about her science project even though she was very proud of it. When Tillie came home, Ruth told Beatrice that Tillie won and did an awesome job and Beatrice doesn't even acknowledge that. The way that Tillie and Ruth's mother treats them might cause them to have not much confidence in themselves when they get older. It could also make them really good mothers. That is because they will always remember growing up with a mother like Beatrice and they won't want their kids to have to do the same. They will probably be closer with their children.

Leanne P.
Period 6!

Anonymous said...

Option B
In the future Ruth and Tillie may turn out to neglect or mistreat their own children if they have any. They may also suffer from depression and high stress when they're older. They may be at risk to become overwhelmed and anxious
, or suffer from hyperactivity and aggressiveness. I think Ruth already suffers from some of these problems, partially because she has convulsions and she is so odd and moody at times. I think that if she was raised in a less stressful, and more normal home her problems wouldn't be as severe as they are in her current situation. In the future Tillie may suffer from a bit of depression but she will become more happy as she keeps succeeding with her dream to continue experimenting with science. Ruth was more dependent on her mother because she was nicer simply because she had a lot of problems but once her mom killed the rabbit she lost it and in a way she had to now give up on Beatrice. So her future doesn't seem too bright.

period 2

Anonymous said...

Tillie and Ruth will have to face a lot of challenges when they grow up, in my opinion Ruth more then Tillie. When they grow up they may face depression and high stress. This can contribute to the financal problems that may occur. The girl may also use drugs and or alchol like there mother did to get rid of their emotional pain. Starting a family can be a problem too, the girls may have trust issues which can cause a divorce and may do the same to their child as what happened to them , such as they can abuse their children emotionally and phyically. It will be a hard time to be on their own and they will never forget what they had to deal with.


Anonymous said...

i think that Beatrice is a verbal abusive mom. i think that because she calls Ruth ugly, and she never believes in her children, like when Tillie wants to become good in science because she loves it and is good at it Beatrice yells at her for it and doesn't want her to. instead of letting her children do what they want and what they love she trys to make them do everything that she want's and makes them do whatever will benifit her in any way. i think that it will affect their childrens futures because since Tillie was brought up with such a bad mother and bad parenting in her child hood, it might stick with her and she might act that way towards her kids. like for example when Beatrice wouldnt let her do her science, maybe Tillie will grow up the same way and not let her kids do what they love to do. or she can grow up to be the complete opposite.
tessaaaa :)

Anonymous said...

Beatrice was most definitely a horrible parent in the book. I think Beatrice was a bad combo of an abusive parent and an alcoholic parent. Beatrice gets drunk twice in the story. Beatrice does not know how to deal with her what her life is and literally drinks to forget and numb her problems. She gets drunk when Ruth calls her Betty the loon because she simply can not handle it. Beatrice is predominantly an abusive parent because she verbally abuses and neglects her children. In the play, Tillie was basically called ugly to her face by her mother while her mother was on the phone with her teacher. Beatrice never gives Tillie the true support she needs. She constantly hassles Tillie about the marigolds and tries to deter Tillie from going to school. Beatrice insults Tillie on various occasions through out the play and when she finally helps Tillie with something she calls Tillie ungrateful. Beatrice is extremely self centered. I believe that Tillie will turn out alright as an adult because she is so emotionally distant from her mother. Tillie never allowed her mother’s criticism or non-support deters her from going after her dream of entering the science fair and winning. She doesn’t even seem to be listening to her mother when she speaks. In the book she replies with “Yes, mama,” on a few separate occasions which make me believe she doesn’t really care or pay attention to what her mother has to say. I think she realizes what a nut her mom is and is trying to better her own circumstances with her love of science. On the other hand, I believe that Ruth is already ruined. Ruth will become like her mother. Ruth has already had a mental break down in her short life and suffers from convulsions. Ruth will not do anything great in her life or rise above the circumstances because she was too close to her mother. She listened to her mothers stories and truly talked to her. Her mother’s affect on her has already shown through and I believe it will be next to impossible to change that. Tillie may lead a successful life in contrast while her sister will probably never do anything great. Beatrice’s parenting style is to dump the way she feels on those around her without any regard for their feelings. Because of Tillie’s emotional distance from her mother I believe she will most likely be a well respected successful adult. However, because I believe she sees who her mother truly is she will be wary of others. Ruth on the other hand was close to Beatrice in the story and is irrevocably damaged as mentioned before. In conclusion, Tillie will fare better than Ruth in life because of the different emotional differences to their mother, Beatrice.

Ella Period 6

Anonymous said...

I think Beatrice fits into the defecient perent catagory because she doesn't care what her kids do. When Tillie doesn't go to school she doesn't mined. Beatrice wonts to kill Tillies rabbit. she doesn't care what Ruth dress like or looks like.

Michele C. P.5

Anonymous said...

Beatrice falls into the catagory of a parent who verbally abuses her children. In the books she constintly puts others self esteem down because she is jealous and also because it makes her feel better about herself. Her parenting effects her children alot. In the future or in the play Ruth already seeks major problems such as her "attacks" which I also belive are not only from the old mans death. It is also from the abbuse that her mother put on her. In the play she tells the teacher that Tillie, "isn't that pretty" or she doesn't congratulate Tillie on her accomplishments. These things will lead to long term problems such as, not enough confidence and other issues.

Jessica B
per 5

Anonymous said...

obtion a: I think Ruth will turn out the one effected. She is the one who turned out more like her mom and her mom is very crazy. As you can she she has little emotions and doesn't care about anything. As it says in the article. It also seems like she has depression in her life. She doesn't like how everones her sister and thinks she ios weired. Ruth also has a problem because if some thing happen in her life she is going to have a convotion and this will mess up her furture. If she goes to a job and has one of those they can fire her. It looks bad on a record. She has a bad past will mess up her life if she ooks back. She looks like she is going to turn out like her mother who doesn't care at all. She looks like she has lots of stress from her mother and her pass. tillie looks like she is teh normal one. Tillie also is very good in school and doesn't care if people like her or not. She love something. Ruth's mother always bosses her around and this hurts her alot. She will ber the one more effected then tillie. Ruth has many issues that she has to overcome in order to be unaffected. Crazy people don't go far because of the way they act. Ruth has a problem and needs to fix it.

jovanny p.5

Anonymous said...

option b: I would categorize Mrs. Beatrice Hundsdorfer as a really over controlling mother. She also probably had something she wanted to pursue and something stopped her and ruined her chances to do anything then she takes it all out on Tillie when she wants to pursue science and the only thing that she loves. She is very abusive with her kids not physically but verbally because she always is making fun of her kids and putting them down and parents arent suppose to do that to their kids. I think she is also jealous of Tillie and how far she is getting with her science expierement and wants to do everything and anything to ruin it for her, but Tillie doesnt let her get in the way of being happy and the only way that will make her happy. If she keeps telling Tillie that she is not pretty or anything like that in the end or when she gets older she wont have self cofidence and always put herself down.

brianaaaaa (:
period 2

Anonymous said...

Beatrice Hunsdorfer can best be catagorized as a mentally and verbally abusive mother. She constantly disregards her daughters confidence and self esteem, she does this by carelessly claming that important events in her daughters live's dont mean anything to her. This, to a impressnable child, could cause an inferiaterity complex. Leading the child to constanly believe that nothing they do is good enough or even worth while. This is one of the effects that negligent parents can have.

While she isn't pyhsically abusive towards her children, she stil exhibits symptoms of severe dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

Oh em gee, i was hoping to go the whole year without forgetting my name and period....

Anway, the blog posting right above this one is by the one and only Jake.C Period 6

Anonymous said...

Option b

I think Beatrice falls under the category of an abusive parent.Beatrice throughout the play would always say things and I would wonder why she would ever say them in front of her children. Like when Beatrice would complain about her life and tell her daughters how embaressing the family is to her, she was going overboard. Also, Beatrice was constantly crushing Tillie's dreams and interests in Science. She didn't care about what her daughter loved and didn't want to her to follow her dreams. In the future I think Beatrice's ways of Verbal and Mental abuse will affect the ways Tillie and Ruth go about making their families. They will have in their minds the dysfuctional way they were brought up, and that isn't good.

Kristy ! period 6 !

Anonymous said...

I think Beatrice would most deffinatly fall ounder the catagory of a verbally abusive parent. She uses words instaed of her hands to abuse her children. I wouldn't really classify Beatrice as an alcoholic or substance abusiv parent because although she smokes in the play, she doesnt really abuse them, but on the other hand, beatrice does alow her doughter Ruth that is still in school to smoke as "payment" for a backrub, which, in my opinion is a very un parent like, even un human like action.

Period 2

Anonymous said...

option b

Beactrice is the type of mother that is abusive. When she would talk to her kids she would say things that would not make them feel better. It only made them hurt worse.When her children get older they might pick up their mothers habbit and be the same way to their kids. The way Beatrice never says how proud she is for her children and all the things that they have accomplished really screws them up. It makes them feel as if they were worthless. In the play how Tillie was doing something for the science fair and Beatrice did not even want to go, that does make Tillie feel special at all.

Jill per 6

Anonymous said...

Option a
I think that ruth will be more affected by these events. She Alway argues with her mother and i think that she may grow up and treat her own children that way. Tillie has somethink to look forward to, that is science. Ruth really has nothing to look forward to and I think that if she cannot find something, she will grow up to be very similar to her mother. Ruth does not really care about anything, she does try to care about her looks, but isnt successful. With Tillie involved in science, i think Ruth is jealous of her and i also think that this also effect ruth.